In Review – July 2020

July was a little slow, but here are the public articles we found. There were also a couple article referring to a lawsuit or lawsuits filed against Varsity, USASF, USA Cheer, Jeff Webb and related entities that were behind paywalls. I Would Love to See it Recognised for the Amazing Sport That it is via… Continue reading In Review – July 2020

In Review – June 2020

Welcome to the 2nd half of 2020. In late June the USASF announced the standings in their Worlds Divisions Points Championship and the 2020 Scholarship Recipients. Here’s some of the other news from June. 5 Pivotal Moments That Drove Rebel Athletic’s Success via The Challenger Project. Cheerleading Giant Varsity Brands Gets $185 Million in New… Continue reading In Review – June 2020

In Review – May 2020

Welcome to June. Both USASF & IASF have publicly posted their Divisions and Rules for the upcoming season, something USASF hasn’t done in a couple seasons. STUNT Receives Emerging Sport Recommendation from the NCAA’s Committee on Women’s Athletics via USA Cheer. USASF announced the Regional Advisory Board members for the 2020-21 season. University of Kentucky… Continue reading In Review – May 2020

In Review – April 2020

Welcome to May. We should be recovering from Worlds and starting the all level end of the year events, but instead most of us are still sitting at home. USASF cancelled Worlds 2020. IASF hasn’t announced a definitive plan, but is leaving the door open for having the event in conjunction with the ICU Championship… Continue reading In Review – April 2020

Season Ending Update II

Since publishing our Season Ending Update, USASF has announced Worlds 2020 is cancelled, but IASF is continuing to considering having the International teams compete in the fall with the ICU Championship. Varsity announced a “One of a Kind” Summit that will combine or replace The Summit, D2 Summit, Dance Summit, and The US Finals. The… Continue reading Season Ending Update II

Tumble for St. Jude

Varsity University is partnering with St. Jude to raise funds and help find a cure for Childhood Cancer! Join us for “Tumble for St. Jude” at GymTyme All Stars in Louisville, KY and learn from the best in the business! Instructors include Debbie Love, Erica and Shea Crawford, Robbie Gregory, Stephanie Brodbeck, and Corey Ricket!… Continue reading Tumble for St. Jude

In Review – June 2016

June came and brought the first USASF Regional Convention along with some news: The USASF released the first version of the 2016-17 rules and began requiring membership numbers for legality rulings. The USASF held their first Regional Convention of the summer, but there is still time to attend 1 of the remaining 4. Varsity All… Continue reading In Review – June 2016

In Review – May 2016

May came and went with Summit and US Finals: USASF sent out information regarding applying for the Regional Advisory Boards. USASF held webinars regarding the Regional Conventions. Varsity announced judges training in Louisville, KY (June 26th), Anaheim, CA (July 9th), and Dallas, TX (August 13th). USASF is holding Music Copyright & Licensing webinars to explain… Continue reading In Review – May 2016

In Review – February 2016

February came and went, bringing a couple of the largest events of the year with it. The USASF posted Rules Change Forms for Cheer and Dance, Worlds Score Sheets & Deductions, Young Athlete Scholarship information, and updated National Advisory Boards for Cheer and Dance. The Orlando Sentinel published Disney’s ESPN Sports Complex to Open Cheerleading… Continue reading In Review – February 2016

In Review – January 2016

January is home to one of the busiest cheerleading weekends of the year. Here’s what else took place during the month. On January 4th Jezebel published Op-Ed: Cheerleaders Don’t Need to Be Paid Since They ‘Work Closely’ with Rich Athletes, questioning a comment made in a separate editorial. Also on January 4th, Daily Journal published… Continue reading In Review – January 2016

In Review – December 2015

December has gone, taking 2015 with it. Here’s the news it left us: The Daily Reville published Former LSU Cheerleader and Cheerleading Coach Launches Organic Lifestyle Business. Athletic Business published In California, Cheerleading Faces New Limits. Missourian published Cheerleading Teaches Important Life Lessons. WKRN published ‘Cheerleading More Than a Sport,’ Says Varsity CEO. USA Today… Continue reading In Review – December 2015

In Review – November 2015

Thanksgiving has come and gone with major news. Varsity announced the JAM Brands is merging with Varsity Spirit. A University of East Anglia study leads researchers to believe coed cheerleading can challenge gender stereotypes, covered by Medical Daily and Science 2.0. Redlands Daily Facts states the Cheerleading as a Sport Debate Rages On With New… Continue reading In Review – November 2015