Disney Shuffle

There have been several recent announcements revising the dates of many cheer and dance events held at Walt Disney World. Announced Dates & Order of Events April 16-17 – Quest April 17-18 – UCA All Star April 22-23 – UDA High School April 23-25 – UCA High School April 27-28 – UCA & UDA College… Continue reading Disney Shuffle

In Review – January 2020

January came and brought significant events like UCA & UDA College Nationals, Majors, NDA All-Star Nationals, and JAMfest Cheer Super Nationals. UConn Cheerleading Returns To National Competition via UConn Today. REVIEW: ‘Cheer’ Shows How Grueling Cheerleading Can be & Plenty to ‘Cheer’: New Netflix Series Goes Behind the Scenes via Madison.com. ‘Cheer’ Is An Incisive Look… Continue reading In Review – January 2020

In Review – January 2019

January has come and gone, taking along with it one of our favorite events, UCA & UDA College Nationals. Black Cheerleaders and A Long History of Protest via AAIHS. Ola Student Named Georgia Cheerleader of the Year via Henry County Times. Acro-Tumbling Combines Cheerleading, Gymnastics; Helps Put Concordia University on the Map via Fox 6.… Continue reading In Review – January 2019

UDA College Nationals 2018

Congratulations to the UDA College Nationals 2018 National Champions: Division 1A Hip Hop – University of Nevada – Las Vegas Division 1A Jazz – Ohio State University Division 1A Pom – Ohio State University Division 1 Hip Hop – Southeastern Louisiana University Division 1 Jazz – University of Delaware Division 1 Pom – Hofstra University… Continue reading UDA College Nationals 2018

In Review – January 2017

January kicked off a new year with a new President. Here’s the cheerleading news we found interesting. The Star-Telegram published Downtown Fort Worth Sparkles for UIL Spirit Championships. The Cleveland Clinic published Cheerleading: Where the Injuries Are Less Frequent, More Severe. WSET posted Community Rallies Behind Cheerleader Diagnosed With Brain Tumor. Varsity.com posted the 2017… Continue reading In Review – January 2017

UCA & UDA College Nationals 2017

UCA and UDA College Nationals were held January 13-15  at Walt Disney World. Full coverage can be found on Varsity TV. Cheer Champions Division IA Coed – University of Kentucky Division IA All Girl – Indiana University Division I Coed – Morehead State University Division I All Girl – University of West Georgia Division I… Continue reading UCA & UDA College Nationals 2017

In Review – January 2015

Here is some of the news from January 2015 we found interesting: On January 13th KESQ.com published California Bill Would Make Cheerleading a Sport & KEYT.com published Cheerleaders Cheer Bill To Make Cheerleading A Sport. On January 15th Kentucky.com published University of Kentucky Cheerleading Squad Looks to Defend its National Title this Weekend. On January… Continue reading In Review – January 2015

Observations After Event 11 of 2013-14

Event 11 took me to the East Coast and an event I’ve never been to before. The event was fine and I feel like the teams continued to show good midseason form. Of course there were some that walked away disappointed in their performance, but I don’t recall seeing any teams that truly didn’t seem… Continue reading Observations After Event 11 of 2013-14

A Message From the USASF Board of Directors – April 5th, 2012

The Board appreciates the recommendations recently made by the Rules Committee and, as always, gave them serious consideration before issuing the revised rules that we feel are in the best interest of our sport and its athletes. Given the feedback we received, it seems appropriate to now address the developments that led the Board to… Continue reading A Message From the USASF Board of Directors – April 5th, 2012

Dear Spirit Post: USASF Board

Spirit Post was sent this email: Anonymous wrote: Who is on the USASF Board? Thanks Website: IP: The voting members of the USASF Board of Directors are: USASF Chairman – Jim Chadwick USASF Representative – Steve Peterson ACA Representative – Lance Wagers CHEERSPORT Representative – Jeff Fowlkes JAM Brands Representative – Aaron Flaker NCA… Continue reading Dear Spirit Post: USASF Board

Cheer LTD Joins the Varsity Family Plan

Cheer LTD has joined the Varsity Family Plan. Varsity Family Plan members now include: All Star Challenge American Championships American Cheer Power American Cheerleaders Association (ACA) Athletic Championships Cheer LTD Cheersport National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) National Dance Association (NDA) Spirit Cheer Spirit Sports United Spirit Association (USA) Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) Universal Dance Association (UDA)… Continue reading Cheer LTD Joins the Varsity Family Plan