In Review – January 2018

Welcome to 2018. Let’s take a look at the news that started the year. The Next Disney Channel Original Movie Is a High School Musical About Zombies and Cheerleaders via The Mary Sue. North Korea’s Cheerleading Charm Offensive via BBC News. 15 NFL Cheerleader Stories We Hope Aren’t True via The Sportster. UK’s Cheerleaders Will… Continue reading In Review – January 2018

In Review – November 2015

Thanksgiving has come and gone with major news. Varsity announced the JAM Brands is merging with Varsity Spirit. A University of East Anglia study leads researchers to believe coed cheerleading can challenge gender stereotypes, covered by Medical Daily and Science 2.0. Redlands Daily Facts states the Cheerleading as a Sport Debate Rages On With New… Continue reading In Review – November 2015