USASF: Athlete Safety

Athlete Safety is our #1 Priority! Our mission includes “strive for a safe environment for our athletes.” To the USASF, safety extends beyond our Cheer or Dance safety rules for performance. We’re committed to helping our members create the safest overall environment for every All Star athlete, so we’ve made resources available for use in gyms and studios.… Continue reading USASF: Athlete Safety

Observations After Answering Rules Questions

I’m one of the people that can reply to cheer rules questions sent to the USASF rules email address. I haven’t done much of that this summer, until recently probably spending less time in the account since Worlds than I do in a typically month during competition season. I recently returned to the account and… Continue reading Observations After Answering Rules Questions

Gym & Studio Rentals

A couple weeks ago I had a few conversations with gym owners about gym rentals and how the work at their gyms. I took a few different things away from those conversations: Always charge for rentals, with the possible exception of teams that are already consistent clients of yours. Even then the consensus was still… Continue reading Gym & Studio Rentals