Certifiably Challenged

I’ve worked scoring and deduction challenges at several events in the past, usually on the deductions side, but occasionally on the scoring side. In doing this I’ve been part of and have overheard many discussions related to scoring and rules in our industry and it has left me with an idea for an experiment. I’d… Continue reading Certifiably Challenged

USASF: All Things Worlds

The Cheerleading Worlds Club Scoring Now Available A final version of the 2019 Worlds Score System is now available. Click here for the Club Divisions score sheet and deductions explanations. For rules, scoring and information regarding the IASF Divisions at Worlds, visit www.iasfworlds.com.   Who is Going to Worlds? The list of talented teams who… Continue reading USASF: All Things Worlds

IASF: Meet the Team

Les Stella, Director IASF [email protected] Dana Fielding, IASF Director of Cheer Rules [email protected] Amy Tyler, IASF Director of Cheer Adjudication [email protected] Megan Wagner, IASF Executive Assistant [email protected] Meredith Walker, IASF Director of Dance Rules [email protected] Mary Wendt, IASF Director of Dance Adjudication [email protected] Questions? We have you covered. Scoring, Divisions & Age Grids are accessible… Continue reading IASF: Meet the Team

IASF Dance Latest Updates

The latest IASF 2019 Dance Worlds Age Grid and Division List has been updated. Click Here to see this updated list. Two common questions we have received about this list are: 1. What is the difference between Elite and Premiere? The only difference is the size of the team. Elite is 6-15 team members and… Continue reading IASF Dance Latest Updates

IASF Cheer Latest Updates

The IASF Overall Cheer Age Grid for the 2018-2019 Season is out. To see the IASF Overall Cheer Age Grid, Click Here. Also, the IASF 2019 WORLDS Division List is out with two new categories. Check with your bid giving event producers to see which categories they will be offering. To see the IASF 2019… Continue reading IASF Cheer Latest Updates

USASF: Cheerleading Worlds Scoring Update | Register for Webinar

TO: All Cheer Coaches attending The Cheerleading Worlds, 2018 The final draft of the Worlds Club Divisions scoring has been updated and is available online. Click here to view. Please join us for a Worlds Club Divisions Scoring/logistics webinar on April 9th at 11am EST.Registration is required. A recording of the webinar will be available… Continue reading USASF: Cheerleading Worlds Scoring Update | Register for Webinar