In Review – May 2020

Welcome to June. Both USASF & IASF have publicly posted their Divisions and Rules for the upcoming season, something USASF hasn’t done in a couple seasons. STUNT Receives Emerging Sport Recommendation from the NCAA’s Committee on Women’s Athletics via USA Cheer. USASF announced the Regional Advisory Board members for the 2020-21 season. University of Kentucky… Continue reading In Review – May 2020

USASF: Regional Advisory Board

Want to get involved with USASF and be a voice for your region? The Regional Advisory Board supports the initiatives of the National Advisory Board and will regionally convey new ideas to the National Advisory Board for consideration. Apply today to be on RAB.  Deadline is May 1st!

USASF Online Community

The exclusive online community just for USASF members is open! Ask questions, get answers and post resources to help your fellow members! The more everyone contributes, the stronger the All Star Connection. Expect a welcome email and a Daily Digest email that summarizes posts of the day. Then join your Regional Directors, Connection Leaders, Cheer… Continue reading USASF Online Community

In Review – May 2016

May came and went with Summit and US Finals: USASF sent out information regarding applying for the Regional Advisory Boards. USASF held webinars regarding the Regional Conventions. Varsity announced judges training in Louisville, KY (June 26th), Anaheim, CA (July 9th), and Dallas, TX (August 13th). USASF is holding Music Copyright & Licensing webinars to explain… Continue reading In Review – May 2016

USASF Regional Advisory Boards

Want to be involved? Be a part of the discussions that move All Star forward? The USASF is forming Regional Advisory Boards for both Cheer and Dance now! Click for more details (Cheer | Dance) and to apply (Cheer & Dance)! 2014 Appointment/Election Process Interested candidates can apply on line on or before May 16,… Continue reading USASF Regional Advisory Boards

USASF Increases Gym Owner Representation on Board of Directors

The USASF Board of Directors is pleased to announce a significant step for gym owner representation in the leadership of the USASF by raising the total gym owners on the Board of Directors from 4 to 6. The role of the USASF Board of Directors is to insure that the mission of the USASF is… Continue reading USASF Increases Gym Owner Representation on Board of Directors

USASF Letter Regarding Varsity’s Recommended Changes to the USASF Board

Dear USASF Members: Earlier this week, Varsity announced their intent to designate one of their permanent USASF Board seats to a gym owner to be recommended by the NACCC. We thank Varsity for this generous gesture and further acknowledge the significance of their recommendation for the addition of a non-permanent USASF Board seat to be… Continue reading USASF Letter Regarding Varsity’s Recommended Changes to the USASF Board

National Advisory Board Nominees

The NAB is the democratically elected Board within the USASF that determines the agenda for the organization moving forward. Virtually every major initiative of the USASF in the past 5 years started with, or was significantly improved by, the work of the NAB. There was a primary election this year because of the large number… Continue reading National Advisory Board Nominees