NCA & NDA College Nationals 2018

Congratulations to the 2018 NCA and NDA College National Champions. Coed Division 1A – University of Louisville Division I – Weber State University Division II – Lindenwood University Junior College – Navarro College Intermediate Division – University of Arkansas-Fort Smith Intermediate Junior College – Iowa Central Community College All Girl Division 1A – University of… Continue reading NCA & NDA College Nationals 2018

Observations After Event 14 of 2013-14

Event 14 took me to one of the largest and most prestigious events of the year. As it has been for the past few years, it was great to be part of it and see some of the best teams in the worlds put on a show. I didn’t have any major observations from routines… Continue reading Observations After Event 14 of 2013-14

National Advisory Board Nominees

The NAB is the democratically elected Board within the USASF that determines the agenda for the organization moving forward. Virtually every major initiative of the USASF in the past 5 years started with, or was significantly improved by, the work of the NAB. There was a primary election this year because of the large number… Continue reading National Advisory Board Nominees

NCA/NDA Appropriate Choreography Reminder

Coaches, Gym Owners, and Choreographers, As you finish the first round of Regionals this season, I wanted to remind anyone attending an upcoming NCA event, including NCA/NDA All-Star Nationals, that your choreography, music selection, and uniforms should be appropriate for “family-viewing”. If the judges determine a section of your routine to not meet our standards,… Continue reading NCA/NDA Appropriate Choreography Reminder

NCA & NDA: All Star Nationals 2011

NCA & NDA All Star Nationals took place on February 26th in Dallas. This event had 637 AllStar Cheer and 114 AllStar Dance teams compete. This event was a qualifier for Worlds & the International All Levels Championship. Worlds Paid Bids were awarded to: Charlotte All Stars “Teal” (Senior Large Limited Coed L5) Gym Tyme… Continue reading NCA & NDA: All Star Nationals 2011

Varsity Letter About NCA, Athlete Membership and Midwest Cheer Elite Donation

From: John Newby Subject Line: Greetings from Varsity All Star Dear Coaches, Gym Owners, & Friends, Just last weekend, 875 teams competed at the largest all star cheerleading and dance event in the world, CHEERSPORT Nationals. On behalf of Varsity All Star, we want to congratulate CHEERSPORT, our partner in the Varsity Family Plan, on… Continue reading Varsity Letter About NCA, Athlete Membership and Midwest Cheer Elite Donation

NCA College Nationals Eligibility FAQ’s

Q: Are club teams eligible to compete at the NCA/NDA Collegiate Championship? A: Yes, as long as they are purely club cheer programs that only participate in cheer events. Q: If you participate in both club cheer and anything else outside of the cheer umbrella (ex. gymnastics, acrobatics, etc.), are you still eligible to compete… Continue reading NCA College Nationals Eligibility FAQ’s

Cheer LTD Joins the Varsity Family Plan

Cheer LTD has joined the Varsity Family Plan. Varsity Family Plan members now include: All Star Challenge American Championships American Cheer Power American Cheerleaders Association (ACA) Athletic Championships Cheer LTD Cheersport National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) National Dance Association (NDA) Spirit Cheer Spirit Sports United Spirit Association (USA) Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) Universal Dance Association (UDA)… Continue reading Cheer LTD Joins the Varsity Family Plan

In the Media: October 18

Media coverage for the week of October 18th: AACCA’s Cheerleading Safety Blog Post – There’s Nothing “Routine” About Safety ABC News Segment – Cheering for Acceptance ESPN Rise Article – Toughest high school sports: fall season Illinois Business Law Journal – Should Cheerleading be a Sport? Inquirer Sports Article – Perpetual seizes the NCAA Cheerleading… Continue reading In the Media: October 18

Varsity’s Predict-A-Score

From Justin Carrier: Coaches, We’ve created a fantastic tool to use as you prepare for your first Varsity All Star event! Varsity’s Predict-A-Score is an on-line score sheet and calculator for coaches. CLICK HERE to visit Predict-A-Score. Once on the site, fill in the mock score sheet with the Varsity Brand you are competing with… Continue reading Varsity’s Predict-A-Score

Varsity Scoring Lesson #4

Justin Carrier sent Varsity Scoring Lesson #4 about 2 weeks ago: Applying the Varsity Standard with Each Varsity Brand In true Varsity fashion, our All Star brands will maintain the creativity and diversity that have always placed Varsity at the top of the All Star industry. Even though most of the brands are adopting the… Continue reading Varsity Scoring Lesson #4