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USASF: L6 Credentialing for Cheer

USASF Logo 2018The USASF has added a Level 6 Credentialing session in Dallas the day before NCA All-Star Nationals begins. For additional information and to register click here.

  • Thursday February 28th, 1:00pm-9:00pm CST
  • Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center – Room TDB
    650 S. Griffin Street, Dallas, TX 75202

NCA & NDA College Nationals 2018

Congratulations to the 2018 NCA and NDA College National Champions.


  • Division 1A – University of Louisville
  • Division I – Weber State University
  • Division II – Lindenwood University
  • Junior College – Navarro College
  • Intermediate Division – University of Arkansas-Fort Smith
  • Intermediate Junior College – Iowa Central Community College

All Girl

  • Division 1A – University of Louisville
  • Division I – Sam Houston State University
  • Division II – California Baptist University
  • Division III – Alma College
  • Intermediate Division IA – Texas A&M University Competition Squad
  • Intermediate Division I – Kennesaw State University
  • Intermediate Division II – Valdosta State University
  • Intermediate Division III – Ocean County College

Small Coed

  • Division 1A – North Carolina State University
  • Division I – University of Texas-Arlington
  • Division II – Blinn College
  • Intermediate Division I – Southern Methodist University
  • Intermediate Division II – Lindenwood University

Game Day

  • Division I – North Carolina State University
  • Division II – Tarleton State University


  • All – Weber State University – Waldo

Team Performance

  • Division 1A – University of Louisville
  • Division I – Towson University
  • Division II – Tarleton State University
  • Division III – Montclair State University
  • Junior College – Blinn College

Hip Hop

  • Division 1A – University of Louisville
  • Division I – Stephen F Austin State University
  • Division II – Valdosta State University
  • Division III – Mount San Antonio College


  • Division 1A – Texas Tech University
  • Division I – James Madison University
  • Division II – Lindenwood University
  • Division III – McLennan Community College


  • Division 1A – Texas Tech University
  • Division I – James Madison University
  • Division II – Shobi University Veritas
In Review News

In Review – March 2018

March has come and gone so it’s now Daytona and Worlds month. Here’s the news that came with March:

In Review News

In Review – February 2018

February has come and gone, bringing and taking some of the largest events of the year with it. Congratulations to all the new UCA High School, Cheersport, and NCA All Star national champions.


Drills=Skills Show 47 – Bounce Backs

On the 47th edition of Drills=Skills, David, Sean, and Shea discuss the legality of bounce back passes, how to perform them safely and legally, and other thoughts following Dallas.


NCA All Star Nationals 2017 – Insights into Division Splits


On or before next Tuesday, the Block Schedule and Final Team Listing will be released. Since there have been several questions lately in regards to division splits, I wanted to clarify NCA’s process. Throughout this entire journey, we’ve remained compliant with the USASF mandates, as well as our own internal philosophies and processes. We’ve also tried to be very transparent and go out of our way to communicate with everyone during each stage of the process. Below you’ll find insight into Division Splits.


The USASF mandates that we offer the standard division listing. For example, that is why the forms you filled out did not allow you to register for a Level 2 Small Junior D2 Division. The only option it gave you was a general, “Level 2 Junior/5-32 members” Division. It did not include Small or Large and it didn’t include D2. Divisions for D2 teams at NCA All-Star Nationals are NOT guaranteed. In some instances, Small/Large splits aren’t either.

Initial Small/Large Splits

USASF mandates that we can split a division (i.e. Level 2 Junior/5-32 members) based on size into Small (5-20 members) and Large (21-32 members) once we have enough registrations in-house to warrant a split. With the size of NCA All-Star Nationals, that was easily achieved in most potential divisions.

Team Listing Emails

During the week of January 22nd, Rachael Alexander sent a personalized email to each program to verify divisions, participant totals and crossovers. On January 26th, I sent out the first Team/Division listing with most Small/Large splits to review. I sent out another updated Team/Division listing on January 30tth.

A/B Splits

Given the prestige and reputation of our event, coupled with our desire to have DEEP divisions at Nationals, we decided to only split divisions with 16 teams or more into A/B or D2. For a division to split into D2, there must be at least 16 teams in a division with at least 5 eligible D2 teams. Once D2 splits are complete, we look at the remaining teams and consider A/B splits.

  • Divisions with at least 16 teams are split into A/B.
  • Divisions with at least 25 teams are split into A/B/C.
  • Divisions with at least 36 teams are split into A/B/C/D.

We use a snapshot of enrollment on the official Split Day of February 1st to make final splits. We do not further split L5 and L6 Worlds divisions, as Worlds Bids are up for grabs and most teams that travel across the world to compete against the best at NCA would be disappointed to find out some of their favorite competition ended up in a “B” division instead of their division.

I know that understanding this side of the sport is complicated and confusing at times. We’ve tried to remain as consistent and transparent as possible in our processes leading up to these splits. For us, it is a challenge to balance NCA’s goal of providing every team a fair chance to be competitive with our mission of retaining NCA All-Star Nationals’ reputation as the most prestigious competition of its kind in the industry.

We know many of you choose NCA for that reason, because people that think NCA is the ultimate – where winning means something because you competed against the best of the best. I’ll be back in touch soon!

Justin Carrier