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USASF: Personal Development Has Gone Virtual

Personal Development & Leadership Training coming to you Virtually!

USASF Logo 2018Now is the time to invest in yourself! The IMPACT Leadership Workshop, designed for All Star Professionals like yourself, has been redesigned to be even more accessible and affordable!. Developed by the IMPACT Leadership team, you will be taken through a series of introspective lessons designed to provoke thought, deepen one’s sense self worth, and strengthen and empower your voice as a leader and role model.

Topics Include

  • Integrity Matters
  • Defining Leadership Strengths
  • Your Role, Relationships and Responsibility
  • Your Voice Matters
  • Creating Your Own Path for Personal Success

Participants Receive

  • A Digital Workbook
  • 6 Hours of training + a two-hour advanced leadership training post-workshop
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Opportunities to apply for Advanced Leadership Training

To register, log in to your Member Profile and look for the Upcoming Meetings section for a complete list of events for which you can register.

Share With Your Athletes!

The BOLT/MARCH Workshop is designed for USASF Cheer and Dance Member Athletes who are entering 9th through 12th grades. Developed and led by alumni of the USASF Mentoring Leaders program, BOLT/MARCH will set athletes on a path to success and is now more affordable and more accessible than ever before! Athletes will register directly from their Member Portal!

  • 6 Dates to Select From
  • Only $60 per person
  • 6 Hours of Training

Athletes are: eligible to serve on the USASF Athlete Advisory Council, able to participate in the Healthy Kids Out of School project, receive advanced leadership training, and earn additional points for USASF Scholarships!

Coaches, encourage your athletes to continue their personal and leadership development by attending a VIRTUAL training. To share this information with your athletes, copy the link below and paste in your favorite platform (email, BAND, text, etc).

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USASF: Leadership Workshops

USASF Logo 2018Attention SOUTHEAST and NORTHEAST regions – we’re headed your way! Unlock your leadership potential by attending a USASF Leadership Workshop.

  • Franklin, TN – Impact, Bolt, March Leadership Workshops: deadline June 5th
  • Notre Dame, IN – Bolt, March Leadership Workshops: deadline June 13th

Coaches and athletes have the opportunity to develop the leader within them during the BOLT, MARCH and IMPACT workshops. To learn more and to register, click here.

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USASF: Leadership Development Series

USASF Logo 2018Coming to a city near you! Nine cities will be host to the incredible opportunity to develop the leader within you during the BOLT, MARCH and IMPACT workshops. See what it’s all about, click here.


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USASF: Healthy Kids Challenge Recipients

USASF Logo 2018The USASF Leadership Team is pleased to announce the athletes who participated in the BOLT and MARCH workshops and have been selected to present their success stories of the 2019 Healthy Kids Challenge. Created by Tufts University, the HKOS Challenge teaches youth to create and lead projects in their program, school or community that encourage physical activity and healthy eating habits.

The newly selected Athlete Presenters will receive advanced leadership training and an invitation to present their projects during one of the Regional Advisory Board meetings to be held via video conference this summer. Congratulations

  • Marina Giammettei (USA Wildcats)
  • Kaylee Ojala (Energizers)
  • Ashleigh Johnson (Royalty Athletix)
  • Skylar Wechsler (The California All Stars)
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USASF: Leadership for Coaches & Athletes

Come to a USASF Leadership course. Succeed in All Star and in Life. The following locations are still available:


  • Dallas, TX
  • Boston (Fitchburg), MA
  • San Antonio, TX


  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Dallas, TX
  • Orlando, FL
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USASF: National Meeting & Leadership Opportunities

Over the last few weeks you’ve seen the ads on Facebook and Instagram and we’ve emailed you details on how to ELEVATE yourself, your program and All Star.

Hundreds of coaches and athletes have already signed up.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll receive by attending:

  • opportunity to ask the experts
  • classes to elevate your personal and professional capabilities
  • methods and strategies for interacting with children
  • networking with your peers
  • and so much more!

This is the event you asked for! Take action today and sign up!

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USASF: Leadership Training | Summer 2018

Tell your Athletes not to miss this!

Make plans to join us at The Leadership Launch June 2 in Costa Mesa, CA or at another of our transformational leadership training programs near you this summer: IMPACT for coaches and owners, BOLT for female All Star cheer and dance athletes, and MARCH for male All Star cheer and dance athletes. Reserve your spot now!


USASF: Athlete Leadership Programs

Dear USASF Coaches and Owners:

Please forward this email to your parents and athletes, and encourage attendance at USASF leadership programs this summer!

BOLT (Bettering Our Leaders of Tomorrow) activates young female cheer and dance leaders to become strong peer role models who put team first.

MARCH (Males Advancing Respect, Character and Honor) a NEW program designed to build confident, strong, principled and energetic male leaders.

Athletes who complete this exclusive training and the associated give-back project in their program are eligible to apply to attend the Regional Advisory Board meeting in their region the following summer. Get plugged in to the USASF as an athlete and grow with us!

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