Season Ending Update III

Since publishing Season Ending Update II a couple weeks ago the International Cheer Union (ICU) and IASF have cancelled their World Championships and Varsity cancelled the combined Summit event mentioned in that second update. To our knowledge there are no in person cheer or dance competitions remaining scheduled as part of the 2019-2020 season.

Season Ending Update II

Since publishing our Season Ending Update, USASF has announced Worlds 2020 is cancelled, but IASF is continuing to considering having the International teams compete in the fall with the ICU Championship. Varsity announced a “One of a Kind” Summit that will combine or replace The Summit, D2 Summit, Dance Summit, and The US Finals. The… Continue reading Season Ending Update II

Season Ending?

About a week ago the season for many sports started falling apart. For me it started with several conference basketball tournaments announcing they’d be played without fans and picked up speed while watching an NBA game get postponed just before tipoff, after the players had warmed up. It spread quickly to other games and then… Continue reading Season Ending?

USASF: Worlds Events Concerning Outbreak

At USASF and IASF, nothing is more important to us than the safety of the athletes, coaches, friends and families that attend our Worlds events. We are closely monitoring the potential impact the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), may have on upcoming Cheerleading and Dance Worlds events and will continue to make decisions based on recommendations… Continue reading USASF: Worlds Events Concerning Outbreak

USASF: All Things Worlds

The Cheerleading Worlds Club Scoring Now Available A final version of the 2019 Worlds Score System is now available. Click here for the Club Divisions score sheet and deductions explanations. For rules, scoring and information regarding the IASF Divisions at Worlds, visit   Who is Going to Worlds? The list of talented teams who… Continue reading USASF: All Things Worlds

In Review – November 2018

Happy Thanksgiving. The IASF had several announcements including renumbering some levels, adding a few divisions to Worlds, and some rules changes. Please visit for more info. Sky Views: Cheerleaders Must be Dropped From Sport via Sky News. San Francisco 49ers Cheerleader Kneels During National Anthem Before Thursday Night Game via USA Today. Practice, Pain,… Continue reading In Review – November 2018

IASF: Meet the Team

Les Stella, Director IASF [email protected] Dana Fielding, IASF Director of Cheer Rules [email protected] Amy Tyler, IASF Director of Cheer Adjudication [email protected] Megan Wagner, IASF Executive Assistant [email protected] Meredith Walker, IASF Director of Dance Rules [email protected] Mary Wendt, IASF Director of Dance Adjudication [email protected] Questions? We have you covered. Scoring, Divisions & Age Grids are accessible… Continue reading IASF: Meet the Team

IASF Dance Latest Updates

The latest IASF 2019 Dance Worlds Age Grid and Division List has been updated. Click Here to see this updated list. Two common questions we have received about this list are: 1. What is the difference between Elite and Premiere? The only difference is the size of the team. Elite is 6-15 team members and… Continue reading IASF Dance Latest Updates

IASF Cheer Latest Updates

The IASF Overall Cheer Age Grid for the 2018-2019 Season is out. To see the IASF Overall Cheer Age Grid, Click Here. Also, the IASF 2019 WORLDS Division List is out with two new categories. Check with your bid giving event producers to see which categories they will be offering. To see the IASF 2019… Continue reading IASF Cheer Latest Updates

IASF: Upcoming Events

  IASF Legality Judge Training courses! Dallas, USA Dallas, TX – 8/11/18 Registration Deadline: 8/4/2018 Canada Spring CDT Conference Montreal – 9/7/2018 Registration Deadline: 9/1/2018 England Future Cheer UK Conference Birmingham – 9/29/2018 Registration Deadline: 9/21/2018 Australia Sydney, Australia – 1/25/2019 Registration Deadline: 1/18/2019

USASF: 2019 Divisions at The Dance Worlds

Dear USASF Members: We have some exciting news to share! You may be aware that, last year, the IASF began to oversee the Age Grid, Safety Guidelines and Scoring System for the Open/International Divisions at The Cheerleading Worlds. The IASF is now ready to do the same for The Dance Worlds in 2019. What does… Continue reading USASF: 2019 Divisions at The Dance Worlds

USASF: Additional At Large Worlds bid in the IASF Non-Tumbling Cheer Divisions Available!

Dear USASF Members: The International All Star Federation (IASF) recently released new, non-tumbling cheer divisions for the 2018-19 season. To support these new divisions and to give more opportunity to programs, these provisional, Level 5, non-tumbling divisions were selected to be offered at the 2019 Worlds. Each Worlds bid event will have the opportunity to offer… Continue reading USASF: Additional At Large Worlds bid in the IASF Non-Tumbling Cheer Divisions Available!