USASF: Athlete Safety

Athlete Safety is our #1 Priority! Our mission includes “strive for a safe environment for our athletes.” To the USASF, safety extends beyond our Cheer or Dance safety rules for performance. We’re committed to helping our members create the safest overall environment for every All Star athlete, so we’ve made resources available for use in gyms and studios.… Continue reading USASF: Athlete Safety

Observations After Answering Rules Questions

I’m one of the people that can reply to cheer rules questions sent to the USASF rules email address. I haven’t done much of that this summer, until recently probably spending less time in the account since Worlds than I do in a typically month during competition season. I recently returned to the account and… Continue reading Observations After Answering Rules Questions

Do Your Part For All-Star Cheerleading!

I think it would be safe to say that we all agree on one thing…we want the number of children participating in All-Star cheerleading to grow! I believe the solution may be something so simple. We need a reminder! We need to remind ourselves of the many great aspects of our sport. The MAJORS is… Continue reading Do Your Part For All-Star Cheerleading!

USASF Age Grid Updates (October 2011)

The USASF sent the following email to Gym Members: Dear USASF Member Gym: As most of you know, the USASF conducted several “regional” meetings throughout the course of the summer to gather feedback from constituents and to educate members on initiatives the USASF is undertaking. As a result of these meetings there were several issues… Continue reading USASF Age Grid Updates (October 2011)

Gym & Studio Rentals

A couple weeks ago I had a few conversations with gym owners about gym rentals and how the work at their gyms. I took a few different things away from those conversations: Always charge for rentals, with the possible exception of teams that are already consistent clients of yours. Even then the consensus was still… Continue reading Gym & Studio Rentals

Should My Company Attend Worlds?

Yes, your company should attend Worlds. Networking is an important part of the Cheerleading and Dance industry, making events such as Worlds “Must Attend” events. Worlds is the only event that will be attended by every major Event Producer, Gym, Dance Studio, Choreographer, Music Producer and Vendor in our industry, giving those attending to network… Continue reading Should My Company Attend Worlds?

USASF: Voter Requirements Announced for Eligibility to vote on 2011-2013 Rules

Summary: The USASF member coaches, who are current as of November 1, 2010, will be eligible to vote on the proposed rule changes for the 2011-2013 seasons. Voter eligibility will be verified via an on-line registration process from November 2, 2010 through December 1, 2010. Memphis, TN – October 8, 2010 – Only current USASF… Continue reading USASF: Voter Requirements Announced for Eligibility to vote on 2011-2013 Rules

Increasing the Numbers

I recently wrote Industry Problem #1, touching on the need for the industry to increase the average number of teams per division by increasing the number of teams, decreasing the number of divisions, or some combination of both. That article focused on decreasing the number of divisions so I’m writing this one to touch on… Continue reading Increasing the Numbers