Tip: Stretching Before & After

Most coaches know their athletes should stretch before and after practice. It doesn’t always happen, but we at least know it should. What many don’t realize is the stretching should be different before and after a practice or workout. Stretching before practice is done with the intent of getting your body and muscles ready to… Continue reading Tip: Stretching Before & After

Tumble for St. Jude

Varsity University is partnering with St. Jude to raise funds and help find a cure for Childhood Cancer! Join us for “Tumble for St. Jude” at GymTyme All Stars in Louisville, KY and learn from the best in the business! Instructors include Debbie Love, Erica and Shea Crawford, Robbie Gregory, Stephanie Brodbeck, and Corey Ricket!… Continue reading Tumble for St. Jude

Drills=Skills Show 01 – 2017-18 Tumbling Rules

On the first Drills=Skills show, Sean Guzman, David Petty, Shea Crawford & special guest Debbie Love discuss the changes to the tumbling rules which will start in August, 2017. Highlights: Level 1 – Changes to round off connections Level 2 – No turning after back handsprings Level 3 – Now requires a clear pause or… Continue reading Drills=Skills Show 01 – 2017-18 Tumbling Rules

Spotlight: Debbie Love

Cheer Professional published Spotlight: Debbie Love, profiling the amazing tumbling expert. “I’m more concerned with athletes doing things right,” she says. “I don’t ever talk about winning. We talk about doing things right [and] hitting our routine, because eventually winning will take care of itself.”

Observations Between Convention & Voting Weeks

Voting week is approaching and talk about the voting slate has taken over my social media feeds. It’s good that people are talking about the items and planning on voting, but I’ve seen too many of the conversations turn sour. Hopefully as the conversations continue everyone involved can be open minded and listen to what’s… Continue reading Observations Between Convention & Voting Weeks

CheerProfessional is in Mailboxes and the Web Site has Launched

It’s Official! The first issue of CheerProfessional is in mailboxes across the country and the website, www.thecheerprofessional.com, has launched. You may be asking yourself why the industry needs another magazine. Truthfully, we do not need just another magazine and that’s not what president Helen Cohen and publisher Brandy Bean intended this to be. CheerProfessional is… Continue reading CheerProfessional is in Mailboxes and the Web Site has Launched

The Change Process

During the past week several cheerleading rules changes were handed down, including by the NFHS, AACCA, and USASF. All of these changes led to numerous comments on Facebook, Twitter, and the Fierce Board about why specific changes were made, but the USASF changes led to several questions about how the changes were made. The USASF… Continue reading The Change Process

NACCC: Attention: All Star Coaches, Athletes and Families

The members of the NACCC, along with Les Stella and Jim Chadwick met on a conference call Thursday to discuss the actions of the USASF Board and the new rules they put in place on Wednesday, March 28th, 2012. Specifically, concerns were addressed to the new limitations of tumbling skills allowed in Worlds Divisions. The… Continue reading NACCC: Attention: All Star Coaches, Athletes and Families

For the Love of CHEERMaD

Lisa Welch has published an interview with Debbie Love titled For the Love of CHEERMaD on CHEERMad. As the mother of six All Stars and a tumbling coach for 40 years, Debbie Love of Premiere Athletics’ Kentucky All Stars is a unique CHEERMaD.