USASF: Learn About The Dance Rules And Age Grid

Join Meredith Walker, Director of Rules and Safety, for the 2019 Dance Rules and Age Grid Webinar.  Open to Owners, Coaches, and Event Producers, the webinar will cover the updates to the Dance Rules and Age Grid document and will conclude with a Q&A. Registration is required. 2019 Dance Rules and Age Grid Webinar Wednesday,… Continue reading USASF: Learn About The Dance Rules And Age Grid

USASF: Have A Suggestion For Rules?

Rules suggestions may be submitted until July 15, 2019 to be considered for future discussions. This is a non rules change year. This form is to allow for our members to begin conversations, as needed, in anticipation for the next rules cycle year and/or imminent safety concerns that the USASF Rules Committee may consider. As… Continue reading USASF: Have A Suggestion For Rules?

USASF: Rules Release 2019-2020

Dear USASF Coaches, The 2019-2020 Cheer and Dance Rules and Age Grids have been approved by the USASF Board of Directors and can be found on the USASF Rules Site accessed via the Member Portal. New Look | New Content.  In an effort to make the documents more user friendly and easier to understand, we… Continue reading USASF: Rules Release 2019-2020

USASF: Cheer and Dance Rules Updates ….Coming Soon

We’re approaching the time of year that USASF posts an early release of the Cheer and Dance Rules and Age Grid for the following season. We’re carefully watching how the current season’s Age Grid and Rules are helping our members as any new updates are considered. At the same time, the USASF Rules Committees are… Continue reading USASF: Cheer and Dance Rules Updates ….Coming Soon

USASF National Meeting Countdown #9

Become a Certified Legality Official Do you know the cheer and dance rules? Become a Legality Official! We are excited to offer you the opportunity to become a certified Legality Official at the National Meeting. Join us on Saturday, August 11th for Cheer and Sunday, August 12th for Dance Legality Official Training. Additional registration required. Click here for more information.

IASF: Meet the Team

Les Stella, Director IASF [email protected] Dana Fielding, IASF Director of Cheer Rules [email protected] Amy Tyler, IASF Director of Cheer Adjudication [email protected] Megan Wagner, IASF Executive Assistant [email protected] Meredith Walker, IASF Director of Dance Rules [email protected] Mary Wendt, IASF Director of Dance Adjudication [email protected] Questions? We have you covered. Scoring, Divisions & Age Grids are accessible… Continue reading IASF: Meet the Team

IASF Dance Latest Updates

The latest IASF 2019 Dance Worlds Age Grid and Division List has been updated. Click Here to see this updated list. Two common questions we have received about this list are: 1. What is the difference between Elite and Premiere? The only difference is the size of the team. Elite is 6-15 team members and… Continue reading IASF Dance Latest Updates

USASF: New App for Legality Review Submissions

Dear USASF Members: There’s an App for that and we have it!  Member coaches and owners, be sure to check out the most efficient way to submit a rules question by using the USASF Coach App.  The USASF Rules and Legality Review teams are no longer using email for video submission. Click here to learn more, watch the ‘how… Continue reading USASF: New App for Legality Review Submissions

USASF Dance Rules are Now Available

Dear USASF Dance Members: The U.S. All Star Federation Dance Safety Rules, Glossary and Divisions & Categories documents have been approved by the Dance Rules Committee and Board of Directors and are now available in your member profiles. For easy access to the 2018-19 USASF Dance Rules: Log into your USASF Member Profile In the… Continue reading USASF Dance Rules are Now Available

USASF: Cheer & Dance Updates

Cheer Credentialing Update Cheer Coach Credentialing has been updated in the database. Please log into your coach profile and review the credentials that appear on your dashboard. If your dashboard does not display credentials or you believe the data that is showing is incorrect, follow this link and let us know. Dance Rules & Policy… Continue reading USASF: Cheer & Dance Updates