Building Blocks

In recent days I listened to a podcast that led me to the idea of treating each thing I learned as a building block, like a Lego. Each is a piece that isn’t that impressive on its own but can be combined with other blocks to make something impressive. I imagine the most blocks came… Continue reading Building Blocks

Perfection Before Progression?

When I started cheering, at least once I moved to the summer camp instructor and coaching side, “Perfection before progression” was a phrase I consistently heard. Although I heard it I don’t remember seeing it consistently on the competition floor. Fast forward about 20 years and I still hear coaches preaching it. I also feel… Continue reading Perfection Before Progression?

In Review – December 2019

Welcome to 2020. Here’s some of the news to close out 2019. Kennesaw State Pays Former Cheerleader Tommia Dean $145K to Settle Anthem Lawsuit via ESPN. Netflix Orders College Cheerleading Docuseries From ‘Last Chance U’ Creator via Deadline. USA Cheer Announces 2020 US National Junior All Girl & Junior Coed Coaching Staffs and Regions via USA… Continue reading In Review – December 2019

Long Live Loyalty

I spoke with some parents that were disappointed their daughter was removed from a team mid season. The team was the type of marquee team that could win any event they attended, including Worlds. Their daughter had been a member of the program for several years, finally making her dream team and deservedly so. The… Continue reading Long Live Loyalty

Beautiful or Invisible

Everything in your routine should either be beautiful or Invisible. Many apply the beautiful part to the major skills in their routine, stunts, pyramids, tumbling, etc., but sometime skip the details, motions in the air, landing the tumbling, and timing of skills. There are a few options for making something invisible, taking it out, hiding… Continue reading Beautiful or Invisible

5 Ways to Coach Your Employees to The Top of Their Game

Entrepreneur published 5 Ways to Coach Your Employees to The Top of Their Game, commenting on the similarities between a good coach and business leader. One of the most important goals for a coach or entrepreneur is to develop “A” players who are really productive. In football this goes beyond the quarterback and running back… Continue reading 5 Ways to Coach Your Employees to The Top of Their Game