USASF: Personal Development Has Gone Virtual

Personal Development & Leadership Training coming to you Virtually! Now is the time to invest in yourself! The IMPACT Leadership Workshop, designed for All Star Professionals like yourself, has been redesigned to be even more accessible and affordable!. Developed by the IMPACT Leadership team, you will be taken through a series of introspective lessons designed to… Continue reading USASF: Personal Development Has Gone Virtual

Long Live Loyalty

I spoke with some parents that were disappointed their daughter was removed from a team mid season. The team was the type of marquee team that could win any event they attended, including Worlds. Their daughter had been a member of the program for several years, finally making her dream team and deservedly so. The… Continue reading Long Live Loyalty

USASF: Inaugural Athlete Advisory Council

The USASF is proud to announce the athletes selected to serve on the newly formed USASF Athlete Advisory Council.  The Athlete Advisory Council is comprised of athletes who completed the USASF Leadership Workshops and are selected through an application process overseen by the National Advisory Board. The role of the Athlete Advisory Council is to provide the… Continue reading USASF: Inaugural Athlete Advisory Council

USASF: Join USASF this Summer!

National Meeting Elevate yourself. Elevate your program. Elevate All Star! Join USASF this summer at the National Meeting in Dallas, TX August 10-11. Log in to your COACH profile, select Credentialing Website from the drop down menu at the top right, then select MEETINGS AND EVENTS on the left side to register. Click here for general information and… Continue reading USASF: Join USASF this Summer!

USASF: Athlete Safety

Athlete Safety is our #1 Priority! Our mission includes “strive for a safe environment for our athletes.” To the USASF, safety extends beyond our Cheer or Dance safety rules for performance. We’re committed to helping our members create the safest overall environment for every All Star athlete, so we’ve made resources available for use in gyms and studios.… Continue reading USASF: Athlete Safety

USASF: Athlete Protection Messaging

Dear USASF Members: The USASF Board of Directors held their annual in-person meeting on November 6-7, 2017. One of the key discussions at the meeting was a thorough review of USASF policies and resources targeted at athlete protection. The USASF mission includes “strive for a safe environment for our athletes.” To the USASF, safety extends… Continue reading USASF: Athlete Protection Messaging

USASF Updates – December 2014

Athlete Membership cards are getting a makeover and will be much more easily available! Have you read about the accident and catastrophic insurance policies for your athletes? There are a few things we need you to do in your gym/studio profiles to keep your Event Rosters and database accurate. Read below and take action today!… Continue reading USASF Updates – December 2014

Worlds 2015 Competition Season Reminder

Don’t forget about the Worlds Program Release Waiver requirement. The short version is if you compete for a team of any age or level, in any division, including non-Worlds divisions, from November 1st on, you must get released from that program to compete at Worlds with a different program. The long version is below: Any… Continue reading Worlds 2015 Competition Season Reminder

Observations After Answering Rules Questions

I’m one of the people that can reply to cheer rules questions sent to the USASF rules email address. I haven’t done much of that this summer, until recently probably spending less time in the account since Worlds than I do in a typically month during competition season. I recently returned to the account and… Continue reading Observations After Answering Rules Questions

Observations Beginning Football Season

Last week the USASF sent an email, Help for Resetting Athlete User Names and Passwords, with instructions on how gyms can send parents credentials so the parents can login to their child’s USASF profile. The USASF profile is something the parent or athlete should control. They should have the login credentials so they can update… Continue reading Observations Beginning Football Season