USASF: Save the Date and Join Us This Summer

USASF Logo 2018USASF National Meeting

The first annual USASF National Meeting in 2018 was a huge success! Your input for the 2019 National Meeting asked for a destination location, dates before back to school, and the convenience and cost saving benefits of being able to travel ONCE for multiple coach conferences. Travel to Las Vegas for the IEP or Varsity U Vegas Coaches Conference and STAY in Las Vegas for the USASF National Meeting! More details will be coming soon!

Save the Date

  • August 5-6, 2019
  • Las Vegas, NV

USASF: Healthy Kids Challenge Recipients

USASF Logo 2018The USASF Leadership Team is pleased to announce the athletes who participated in the BOLT and MARCH workshops and have been selected to present their success stories of the 2019 Healthy Kids Challenge. Created by Tufts University, the HKOS Challenge teaches youth to create and lead projects in their program, school or community that encourage physical activity and healthy eating habits.

The newly selected Athlete Presenters will receive advanced leadership training and an invitation to present their projects during one of the Regional Advisory Board meetings to be held via video conference this summer. Congratulations

  • Marina Giammettei (USA Wildcats)
  • Kaylee Ojala (Energizers)
  • Ashleigh Johnson (Royalty Athletix)
  • Skylar Wechsler (The California All Stars)

USASF: Celebrating 1 Year of The Connection

USASF Logo 2018February marks the 1-year anniversary of your exclusive online community, The Connection. Coming later this month we’ll take you through the ‘numbers’ on your Top Contributors, Resources Shared, Popular Discussions, and Search Terms. The Connection is your place to have conversations, find member-only resources, ask questions, get advice and connect directly with USASF Staff and members about everything All Star.

USASF: Are You Election Ready?

USASF Logo 2018Cheer and Dance National Advisory Board elections are coming up! Eligible members as of February 15 will receive a ballot on February 21. Voting closes on February 28. We will announce the newly elected members in the March Newsletter early March.

USASF Cheer Rules/Age Grid Release and Membership Policy Update

USASF Logo 2018Dear USASF Coach and Owner Members:

We’re approaching the time of year that USASF posts an early release of the Cheer and Dance Rules and Age Grid and Membership Policies for the following season. We’re carefully watching how the current season’s Age Grid and Rules are helping our members as any new updates are considered. At the same time, the USASF Rules Committees are monitoring changes that other national and international cheer and dance rules organizations are making, and they’re weighing whether or not those changes would be in the best interest for USASF members to adopt. Likewise, the Membership Team is reviewing the member policies and guidelines of other youth sports National Governing Bodies to ensure we are fully supporting our Athletes 1st initiative, aligning with best practices and being compliant with the law.

Additionally, every two years is a cheer rules change year (as is 2019-2020) which makes for a much more involved process of reviewing two years of submissions and feedback from our members. The USASF Cheer Rules Committee has been meeting and working for months on the rules and age grid and we are excited to share with the membership the updates for the 2019-2020 season which continue to encourage athlete safety, longevity and growth.

Here is the timeline for communication of all of the above:

Next week: The Membership Team will host and record a webinar on February 5 at 12pm Eastern to review updates to the Professional Responsibility Code for the 2019-2020 season. The recording will be available for members who were unable to attend live, and supporting documents will be posted in The Connection. Click here to register. Not sure you can make it? Register anyway and we’ll send you the recorded session.

Later in February: The Cheer and Dance Rules Teams will host and record webinars outlining updates for the 2019-2020 season. The recordings will be available for members who were unable to attend live, and supporting documents will be posted on the rules website and in The Connection on Thursday.

Please attend the webinars if at all possible so that you can ask questions during the discussions as time permits. The webinars will also give you a first glimpse at Membership Policies, Rules and Age Grids before the documents are posted. We hope the webinars will help with interpretation, understanding and clarity.

If you can’t attend live, you’ll have access to the recordings, followed by the documents posted on our websites. We look forward to connecting with you in February!

In Review – January 2019

January has come and gone, taking along with it one of our favorite events, UCA & UDA College Nationals.

In Review – December 2018

Happy New Year, here’s the news that closed out 2018:

In Review – November 2018

Happy Thanksgiving.

The IASF had several announcements including renumbering some levels, adding a few divisions to Worlds, and some rules changes. Please visit for more info.

In Review – October 2018

October came and went, bringing Fall and Halloween with it. This month I was reminded of cheerleading being used in headlines to catch the attention of readers. People published an article titled Cheerleader’s Alleged Admission that She Didn’t Want to Be Mom Is Admissible in Baby Murder Trial that had nothing to do with cheerleading knowing including cheerleading in the title would increase clicks. The article even starts with “The former cheerleader accused of” and the only other time cheerleading is mentioned is another reference to “the former cheerleader”, unless you count links to other articles related to the same story. It is a reminder of the gap between the attention and respect cheerleading is given.

USASF: (Last Call) Level 6 Credentialing for Cheer

USASF Logo 2018Join USASF in Atlanta, GA on October 13th to receive your Level 6 Credentialing. Advance registration required.

The Level 6 credentialing course is now available for all cheer coaches that are credentialed to Level 5 in Building and Tumbling. To learn more and to register, click here to log into your Member Profile to access the Credentialing Portal.

USASF: Quick Reference Video Overview

USASF Logo 2018Cheer Coaches, check out this member resource – now available to you! The USASF Quick Reference Guide is a 75-minute video overview by the Cheer Rules Team and is located in the Rules & Safety Member Site under “Cheer”.

Multiple skills are highlighted in the video as they are commonly broken and/or misunderstood. This video does not cover all rules. Refer to the USASF Cheer Rules for the full rules and remember that all skills, prior to the event, should be submitted thru the USASF Coach App.

USASF: Cheer Rules Proposal Survey

USASF Logo 2018As a reminder of last week’s update; cheer coaches and owners with a current, paid membership as of 10/7 will receive a link via email to a survey gathering input for the Cheer Rules Proposal. If your membership is active, check your inbox within the next 24 hours for the survey!

USASF: Jazz or Contemporary/Lyrical? We Can Help!

USASF Logo 2018Once again, the USASF is assisting its members in determining the appropriate category to enter that most closely matches the descriptions provided in the USASF Divisions & Categories document located in your USASF Member Profile.

Because of the nuances and similarities between the genres, if you have any question as to which category you should register your routine in at any USASF Sanctioned Event, and especially if you’re competing for a bid to The Dance World Championship, submit a Jazz and Contemporary/Lyrical Designation Form and at least one week prior to any sanctioned event. Our evaluation staff will review and advise.

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