Opening Day & New Authors

Although we have been writing for a few month already, we do not yet consider the site ready for prime time. Before we consider it ready we want a few things to occur, namely having between 10 and 12 articles published, having the forum software reach version 1.0, and customizing the forum. Until the forum… Continue reading Opening Day & New Authors

Cheerleading is Art and Art is Beautiful

Cheerleading is an Art, not a Science. As an art cheerleading is an expression of energy and creativity through a combination of stunts, tumbling, pyramids, dancing, and baskets, set to music. Some prefer artistic expressions through paintings over sculptures, music to poerty, and photography over theatre or cinema, just as in cheerleading some prefer College… Continue reading Cheerleading is Art and Art is Beautiful

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Divide & Conquer

Are there too many options (levels and/or divisions) in AllStar Cheerleading? According to the USASF (USASF Divisions 2006-07), a senior aged AllStar female can compete in the following divisions. (This list doesn’t include the “Open”, “International Open”, or the generic “Senior” and “Senior Coed” divisions): Small Senior Level 1 Small Senior Level 2 Small Senior… Continue reading Divide & Conquer

Welcome to the Spirit Post

The Spirit Post is now live. We’ll be commenting on trends, likes, dislikes, teams, programs, competitions, and news from the cheerleading world. As we progress through the next year or so we will give more information about what Spirit Post is all about.