USASF Rules Change II

The USASF sent the following email to event producers on Thursday, July 19, 2007: Dear USASF Member Event Producer: As many of you know, there has been a great deal of discussion regarding the “International Open Cheer” divisions being offered for the 2008 Worlds event and the recent decision in June to restrict team sizes… Continue reading USASF Rules Change II

First Worlds Bid

The first bids to Worlds for the 2007-2008 season were handed out at the Future Cheer Brighton International Championship. The Ascension Eagles All-Girl team earned a Partial-Paid bid, while the Goldstar Galaxy and Ascension Eagles’ Co-Ed team earned At-Large bids. In Dance, Goldstar Galaxy earned a Partial-Paid and Angels Dance Academy Dark Angels earned an… Continue reading First Worlds Bid

USASF Rules Change

The USASF has handed down the following changes for 2008. We will no longer allow the pass down of At Large (unpaid) cheer bids. All teams must go through prelims to get to finals and teams will be seeded in finals based on prelim results with the highest scoring teams going last. For the international… Continue reading USASF Rules Change

Assisted Perfection?

Which tumbling pass would you score higher in competition? Punch Front, Round Off Backhand Spring, Whip, Whip, Backhand Spring, Double Full with a step on the landing Punch Front, Round Off Backhand Spring, Whip, Whip, Backhand Spring, Double Full with an assist on the Double Full I believe most people would say pass number 1… Continue reading Assisted Perfection?

In My Cheer World…

The topic today is things I would change about cheerleading. Each company would only be able to host one event billed as a “National Championship” NCAA would host the College National Championship All*Star Division would have an age floor and ceiling Assisted Stunts would score lower than unassisted stunts College Rules would be less restrictive… Continue reading In My Cheer World…

A Sporting Question

Is cheerleading a sport? This has been a popular question that has yet to be answered. My answer is “I don’t know and really don’t care”, but to properly address the question a few things need to be pointed out. You must separate the question “Is Cheerleading a Sport” from the question “Are Cheerleaders Athletes”.… Continue reading A Sporting Question

The Cheer Standard

I’ve heard repeated requests for more standards in cheerleading; standard rules, standard score sheets, standard scoring grids, standard floor types, standard floor colors, standard floor sizes, and so on. I think some of these requests, such as standard rules and floor sizes, are valid because they provide basic boundaries for cheerleading, much like the rule… Continue reading The Cheer Standard

Opening Day & New Authors

Although we have been writing for a few month already, we do not yet consider the site ready for prime time. Before we consider it ready we want a few things to occur, namely having between 10 and 12 articles published, having the forum software reach version 1.0, and customizing the forum. Until the forum… Continue reading Opening Day & New Authors

Cheerleading is Art and Art is Beautiful

Cheerleading is an Art, not a Science. As an art cheerleading is an expression of energy and creativity through a combination of stunts, tumbling, pyramids, dancing, and baskets, set to music. Some prefer artistic expressions through paintings over sculptures, music to poerty, and photography over theatre or cinema, just as in cheerleading some prefer College… Continue reading Cheerleading is Art and Art is Beautiful

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Divide & Conquer

Are there too many options (levels and/or divisions) in AllStar Cheerleading? According to the USASF (USASF Divisions 2006-07), a senior aged AllStar female can compete in the following divisions. (This list doesn’t include the “Open”, “International Open”, or the generic “Senior” and “Senior Coed” divisions): Small Senior Level 1 Small Senior Level 2 Small Senior… Continue reading Divide & Conquer