Double Competing

The following email was sent to the USASF by a parent. USASF’s Gena Evans’ response follows the parent’s email: Good Morning, I am concerned about something that happened this last weekend in Mobile, Alabama. Jamfest held a National Competition in Mobile. Let me state here, that I am biased. My daughter competed in the Senior… Continue reading Double Competing

More on the Varsity Family Plan

Scott Cole of Varsity Brands sent the following email in early March: All Star Gym Owner/Director: Hello, my name is Scott Cole and I am excited to inform you that I will be the new Varsity Family Plan Regional Development Director for Alabama. I will be your direct contact for anything Varsity Family Plan related… Continue reading More on the Varsity Family Plan

UCA All*Star Scoring System

UCA has sent out detailed information on their scoring system: UCA All Star Scoring Grid & UCA All*Star Scoring System

USASF “Gym Profitability Committee” Nomination

The USASF sent the following email on Tuesday, February 26th: We are creating a Gym Owners Committee with the mission of helping all USASF member gyms become more profitable. This group will be led by a Steering Committee: Morton Bergue, Casey Jones, and Cole Stott and the USASF Regional/Area Directors. Your involvement to nominate gym… Continue reading USASF “Gym Profitability Committee” Nomination

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Cheer Websites

I’ve received a few links to cheer and/or dance websites I’m going to share. I haven’t really checked them out so I don’t have much to say about them, but I’m in a sharing mood. Spirit Fever at Cheer Friends at My BA Star at

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USASF on the Varsity International Championship

Steve Peterson sent the following email to USASF Event Producers on January 31st in response to Mike Martinez’ email sent on January 30th: IASF USASF Member Event Producers, Following the announcement of Varsity Brands’ International All Levels Championship, the IASF USASF contacted Varsity to remind them of a recommendation approved by the IASF USASF Board… Continue reading USASF on the Varsity International Championship

USASF National Advisory Board

Gina Evans sent a couple votes to USASF members on January 30th and 31st: The first was for the Event Producer representative for the National Advisory Board: Kiki Bittner Kevin Brubaker Justin Carrier Mark French Dan Kessler Mike Pare Lisa Saline The second was for the Coach representative to the National Advisory Board: Cheryl Pasinato… Continue reading USASF National Advisory Board

ATC Cancels Events

Alana sent the following email on January 29th: Dear Coaches, Teams, Judges and Vendors, All Things Cheer and Dance will not be having any events the rest of the season. We are focusing all of our attention to organizing our 2009 competition schedule. We are currently in the process of finalizing dates, locations and venues.… Continue reading ATC Cancels Events

NCA Date Change Announcement

Justin Carrier sent the following email on January 25th: I wanted you to be the first to know about some exciting news in the All-Star World. Please read the announcement below concerning NCA and CHEERSPORT Nationals. We are excited to announce that the two largest All-Star National Championships, NCA and CHEERSPORT, will take place on… Continue reading NCA Date Change Announcement

Varsity International Championship

Nicole Lauchaire sent the following email on January 25th: Announcing a New “Worlds” Caliber Championship Coming in 2009… THE INTERNATIONAL ALL LEVELS CHAMPIONSHIPS Overwhelming interest in a “Worlds” caliber championship for All Levels has prompted a coalition of industry leading All Star competition providers to respond with The International All Levels Championship. Scheduled for Spring… Continue reading Varsity International Championship