End of the Road

Given we haven’t posted many articles this year this is probably already assumed, but in case it is not I believe Spirit Post has retired. We don’t anticipate taking down anything that has already been posted, I just don’t anticipate any more posts coming. Thank you for your support over the past 15 years.

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Legality Bonus

I often work as a Legality Official at events, which means most of the time I’m involved in taking points off a team’s score. I’d like to be involved in giving points and have come up with a couple options. First allow me to award a bonus to any performance that has nothing I need… Continue reading Legality Bonus

What’s the Goal

February had some of our industry’s largest events. Congratulations to everyone that found success at them. Here’s some of the news from the month. Jerry Harris of ‘Cheer’ Pleads Guilty in Federal Child Pornography Case via CNN. Attorney for U.S. Olympic Gymnasts Warns of ‘Epidemic of Sexual Abuse’ in Cheerleading via Dallas Observer. NFL Cheer… Continue reading What’s the Goal

Warning or Deduction

When should there be a deduction for breaking a rule versus a warning? I’ve had this conversation with a couple friends lately and am wondering how more people would answer this and more importantly want to know the reason why? I have 2 notes with this question. There is no debate about the skill breaking… Continue reading Warning or Deduction

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The Higher They Fall

Our 1st of the month articles include links to news from the prior month. Last month’s news included: UCA & UDA College Nationals took place at Walt Disney World. Cheer’s Jada Wooten Says She Was Excluded From Cast Appearances via Vulture. I have an idea for stunt and pyramid deductions at events. There are 3… Continue reading The Higher They Fall

If You Don’t Know

During my years of being involved in cheerleading I’ve learned athletes mess up for 3 main reasons: They don’t know what to do (The guy who didn’t know throwing a basket also meant catching it) They don’t know how to do it (The lifelong all star kid using a sign for the first time) They… Continue reading If You Don’t Know

Code of Points

Our first article each month will include the news and articles we found interesting from the previous month. News from December 2021: Cheer on Nexflix is returning for season 2 on January 12th. (Yahoo! Sports, and many other outlets) USASF announced both Dana Fielding, Associate Director of Rules and Safety, and Mary Wendt, Director of… Continue reading Code of Points

ICU Recieves Full IOC Recognition

On July 20, 2021 the International Cheer Union (ICU) announced (Press Release) it has been granted full recognition status by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Below is the ICU President Jeff Webb discussing the announcement on Good Morning America.

USASF Announces Retirement of President, Appoints Interim Management Team

Penree and Stangle to lead organization Board to commence national search for new President MEMPHIS, TN (April 15, 2021) – U.S. All Star Federation, dedicated to driving excellence in All Star Cheer and Dance, announced today that Jim Chadwick, who served as President and Board Chair, has retired from the organization after nearly 18 years. The USASF… Continue reading USASF Announces Retirement of President, Appoints Interim Management Team

USASF: Important Letter to Members from President Jim Chadwick

Dear USASF Members, Organizing All Star to make it safer for participants, an idea discussed by many, began to take shape in earnest when Elaine Pascale and I realized we shared the same dream during a dinner in Philadelphia almost 20 years ago. Turning All Star from the “wild west” of hundreds of rules, divisions,… Continue reading USASF: Important Letter to Members from President Jim Chadwick

In Review – March 2021

March has come and gone without leaving us with much news. The USASF posted the Early Release of the 2021-2022 USASF Cheer Rules and Age Grid and the Dance Rules and Age Grid/Categories. International Cheer Union announced their 2021 World Championship would take place in September in an all virtual format. USASF announced their National… Continue reading In Review – March 2021

WDYT: Falling Brace

Scenario: During a pyramid sequence a stunt group falls. Later in the sequence the fallen group was to become a required bracer for a pyramid element. That element was performed without the bracer, making it illegal as performed.  What should factor into whether it is a deduction or not? When, if ever, should a penalty… Continue reading WDYT: Falling Brace