The Higher They Fall

Our 1st of the month articles include links to news from the prior month. Last month’s news included:

I have an idea for stunt and pyramid deductions at events. There are 3 broadly recognized stunt heights (extended level, prep level, and waist level) and I’d like to experiment with basing the size of the deduction on how far the top falls. 

  • Category 1 – Extended to Prep, Prep to Waist, or Waist to Ground
  • Category 2 – Extended to Waist or Prep to Ground
  • Category 3 – Extended to Ground

Something would still need to be added to include falling from 2-½ high pyramids, tosses, release moves, and dismounts because they don’t truly fit into any the stunt heights.

I’d also be in favor of an increased deduction amount for landing in a less than ideal position, with examples being not landing on feet, landing inverted, and other compromising positions and situations that are riskier than landing on feet. 

This originated after working an event as the deduction review representative as a thought on how to make which category a fall falls into more objective and it seems to also reward attempts at keeping stunts up.