USASF: Important Letter to Members from President Jim Chadwick

USASF Logo 2018

Dear USASF Members,

Organizing All Star to make it safer for participants, an idea discussed by many, began to take shape in earnest when Elaine Pascale and I realized we shared the same dream during a dinner in Philadelphia almost 20 years ago.

Turning All Star from the “wild west” of hundreds of rules, divisions, and customs into one cohesive package was harder than anyone imagined at the time. However, as literally thousands of coaches, gym owners, and event producers began to share the dream of unification, it became what we now call the USASF.

This is the point where I am ready to step aside and watch the next generation of leaders take that dream to the next level.

I will continue to be involved by helping create a future governance strategy coordinating among the USASF, USA Cheer, and the ICU. Additionally, I will continue to be a resource for the USASF and its leadership.

Most importantly, I want to thank everyone who has sacrificed so much to get the USASF off the ground initially and for being patient during the often slow progress we have all shared to make All Star the sport we all have dreamed it would become.

Jim Chadwick