USASF: New Ways To Earn a Bid to Worlds 2021!

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While the 2020-21 All Star competition season will look unlike any other, we turn optimistically toward the future as plans for The Cheerleading and Dance World Championship™ continue with an eye on celebrating the beauty, athleticism, diversity, lifelong learning and passion that we share in the All Star community. And so, another opportunity for teams to earn a bid to The Cheerleading and Dance World Championship™ in 2021 has been created.

Dance Worlds

Any Cheer or Dance Worlds Division* Teams that attend three 2020-21 USASF Sanctioned Competitions (in person or virtual), one of which must be a 2021 Worlds Bid Qualifying Event, will be awarded a Worlds Applicant Bid! Teams must compete in the same division at all three events.

*competing in a Cheer Non-Building Division split is allowable at Sanctioned Competitions; however Non-Building Divisions will not be offered at Worlds

How to Apply for a Worlds Applicant Bid

After you have attended your three USASF Sanctioned Events during the 2020-21 season:

  • visit the Worlds website to complete the Worlds Applicant Bid Application (Link Removed)
    • Cheer > Road to Worlds > New Ways to Earn a Bid (Link Removed)
    • Dance > Road to Worlds > New Ways to Earn a Bid (Link Removed)
  • list the three USASF Sanctioned Events you attended during the 2020-21 season
  • select the event you want to use as your Worlds Bid Qualifier Roster

NOTE: you can not exceed the number of athletes on the floor at Worlds beyond your Worlds Bid Qualifier Roster, however you can follow the Worlds Substitution Rules accordingly. NEW for 2021 Worlds Only – cheer and dance athletes can crossover between events (i.e. a Cheerleading Worlds athlete can compete at The Dance Worlds and vice versa)!

Approximately 7 days after receiving the application, you will receive notification if your application has been approved. Teams awarded with a 2021 Worlds Applicant Bid may still compete at other 2021 Worlds Bid Qualifying Events for an At Large or Paid (cheer) or Partial Paid (dance) Bid.

Division Schedule for The Cheerleading and Dance Worlds

The tentative division schedule for The Cheerleading Worlds is now available and can be found on page 4 of the cheer registration packet. General order of performance for divisions will be: Applicant Bids, At Large Bids, Partial Bids (outside of the U.S.), and Full Paid Bids.

All Dance Worlds semi-final divisions will take place on Thursday, May 6 and all final divisions on Friday, May 7.

Have Questions? Reach out to Ali Stangle, Executive Director, Rules and Safety.