National Championship Standard

Could and should events labeled as a “National Championships” be held to a higher standard? Ideally each Event Producer would have only 1 National Championship, but since it seems a little late for that should other standards be set. Something that comes to mind is requiring a multi-year history of 100+ teams attending the event, similar to what is required to be eligible to offer Worlds bids. The number of years and number of teams can be discussed, but should there be a standard is the question of the moment.

Another thought is changing the division split standards for National Championships. Currently, for the most part splits require 2 teams to remain on each side of the split, but for National Championships should that number be raised to 4, 8, or even 10? My final thought is to have an enhanced standard for warmups at National Championship.

What are your thoughts on raising the standard at “National Championship” events?