Chance & Me – Part 1

When I sat down my plan was to write an article about how to get into judging, but I don’t have an attention span so my mind started wandering. As I thought about what to write I drifted from how to get into judging, to how I got into judging, to the journey to judging major events, and somehow that looped around to how I got into cheerleading to begin with. This trip down memory lane reminded me of the role chance played during the journey.

For example, would have thought my ride leaving Doug and I at UCA work week in 1995 would turn into good luck and play a role in me judging Worlds in the 2010s.

The role chance played became more intriguing to me so I started outlining that article and realized that’s going to take a long time to write. Even if I break it into parts the first alone will take a long time to write. I’m going to write and publish that story, especially now that I’ve said I’m going to, just not today.

I want to leave you with a thought a friend left me with when I spoke to him about writing the article about the role of chance.

“It sounds like you had good luck because you built good relationships.”

To be continued…