Jury of Their Peers

Another experiment I would like see is programs judging their own divisions, specifically at an event like Majors with a few teams in high level divisions. I’d prefer to pay to hear the coaches of F5, Orange, Panthers, Senior Elite, and Shooting Star discuss and rank each team in the division in each category of the score sheet more than paying to watch teams perform. Same with Cheetahs, Steel, and TGLC (and might as well bring back Cali Coed and Warriors while I’m wishing).

I used the Senior Large divisions as the example, but would like to see this for several divisions. Since I know this idea lives in a galaxy far, far away, my idea that is in a galaxy just far away is to have a different division judge the division, like Large Senior judging Large Coed and vice versa or Medium Senior judging Large Senior and vice versus.

When it comes down to it I just want to get inside of the heads of the coaches of the top teams by listening to them discuss where teams should rank in comparison to each other and most importantly why.

Does this sound like entertainment to anyone else?