Back Walkover Month

This month we’re going to focus on the Back Walkover, starting with a description and example of an below average one.

Below Average – Athlete begins stepping forward placing weight on front leg with arms in front.  Followed by leading with head back causing arms to be staggered and wide with arms bent.  Finishing by landing with an uncontrolled landing.

Average – Athlete places weight in front leg.  Athlete starts with arms covering ears yet leads with head. Legs are slightly straighter than below average yet still bent.  Lands with feet together and takes small steps.

Above Average – Athlete begins by lifting front leg and touching with toe but not placing weight in front leg.  Arms covering ears.  Leads with upper body in one piece.  When hands touch the floor an even split with straight legs is shown.  Landing in controlled lunge with arms covering ears and eyes looking at front toe.