USASF: Level 6 Credentialing Now Available

Dear USASF Cheer Coaches:

USASF LogoAre you ready to take your expertise to the next level? Level 6 Credentialingis now available for all cheer coaches that are credentialed to Level 5 in Building and Tumbling.

Join USASF in Dallas, TX on August 9th, in conjunction with the National Meeting, or in Atlanta, GA on October 13th.

The Level 6 credentialing course includes a required, in-person, educational seminar. Following the seminar, attendees will complete their practical exam. All Level 6 credentialing classes are mandatory to be eligible to take the in-person exam. After successful exam completion, attendees will complete a separate online test.


  • Being credentialed to Level 5 in Building and Tumbling
  • Completion of Baseline Credentialing (American Sports Education Courses & Positive Coaching Alliance Double Goal Coach Course)

To learn more and to register, click here to log into your Member Profile to access the Credentialing Portal.