USASF: Cheer All Star Prep Guidelines Reminder

USASF LogoAs a reminder to all USASF members, the Cheer All Star Prep division has limitations placed upon it that are listed on the USASF Rules website.

Click the link, or copy/past this URL into your browser:

Of particular note is that cheer all star prep teams may perform no more than one time at a two-day event.  This includes performances of any type – competitive, exhibition, evaluation, etc.)  Allowing a cheer  all star prep team to take the performance mat more than once at a two-day event may result in the event producer being referred to the Compliance Committee of the USASF for review.

This issue in particular will be reviewed in the next 6 weeks by representatives of regional focus groups covering the 5 geographical regions of the USASF, in addition to separate meetings comprised of all four tiers of events producers.  Any discussion and/or recommendations made by these groups would potentially impact the 2015-16 season at the earliest.  For the current season (2014-15), the definition of Cheer  All Star Prep and the limitations placed upon it will follow those listed on the above web page.