Observations Before Diving Into Competition Season

It’s almost time to dive into competition season. This weekend is my last open weekend before 5 straight weekend of events, with 3 of them being outside the United States. Judging by the number of upcoming showcases on CheerLive’s Schedule, I’m not the only one about to dive into competition season, and the next several months flying by. Before you get too deep into the speed and fury of competition season, take a minute to make sure your athletes and teams are ready. Re-read the scoring systems and rules and examine your routine. Have other coaches you work with or know take a look at your routine and give feedback. They’ll notice adjustments that need to be made that you’re too invested in to change on your own.

You not only need to make sure your athletes and teams are ready, you also need to be sure you are. Some of the things I do to get ready for the busy season are double check my calendar, make sure I make time for my non-cheer priorities, and ensure I schedule some me time. I’m pretty calendar based and don’t like cancelling events so I need to be sure every event, cheer or not, I’ve confirmed or discussed is noted on my calendar so I don’t create conflicts. I’ll also block off some me and friend time to ensure I keep my sanity and my friends don’t think I’ve forgot about them for half the year. I also make sure I’m exercising and eating healthy at home because I don’t usually do either on the road. I’m sure what you do is different, but take a minute to ensure you’re ready to do whatever it is you need to do.