Observations Beginning Football Season

USASF LogoLast week the USASF sent an email, Help for Resetting Athlete User Names and Passwords, with instructions on how gyms can send parents credentials so the parents can login to their child’s USASF profile. The USASF profile is something the parent or athlete should control. They should have the login credentials so they can update their own information, pay their own membership fee, and ensure they have direct access to member resources.

Coaches should also control their USASF profiles. The profiles are meant to belong to the individual, not the gym, and go with the individual in the event of a gym change. If you are a member of the USASF and don’t know how to login to your profile you should work on getting that information.


School is back in session which means football games are here. Friday night high school games and Saturday college games produce some of the best memories of the year. I hope you enjoy your time on the sideline, you represent your school well, and your team wins.

OverStretch – September 3, 2014