USASF Policy & Rules Voting Information

USASF LogoThe USASF policy and rule change voting period is almost here. The voting slate is available on and the Spirit Company Dropbox and the votes are for changes that will impact the 2015-17 seasons. The ballots will open at noon Central on August 23rd and close at noon Central on August 30th.

USASF Member Voting Procedures

There are 2 types of issues on the voting ballot – Rules and Age Grid. Rules issues are voted on by all the Professional Members. Age Grid issues are voted on by a designated member from each location, referred to as One Location, One Vote.

These are the instructions for Professional Members (Rules Issues):

  • USASF - Voting Instructions - Rules - 2014A Professional Member is a current member of the USASF that has received a Green Light background check through the National Council for Safety Initiatives.
  • Instructions for completing a background check can be found in the Industry Resources section of your USASF member profile.
  • How do I know if I have a Green Light?
    • Visit
    • Click on Check Your Background Screening Status.
    • Complete the information in #1.
    • Click Submit 1.
  • Other things to know about the Background Screening Process:
    • Screening time can take as few as 3 days, but as many as 14 days.
    • NCSI may need additional information. They will email you directly that they need more information (the email may have gone in your spam filter).  When you log in to check your screening status, there will be a message if additional information is needed. Follow these instructions.
  • The voting list of Professional Members (Rules Issues) will be exported on Thursday, August 21st at 5pm PST. The email address you used when completing your background check is the email that will be used to send you your voting ballot link.

These are the instructions for One Location, One Vote (Age Grid Issues):

  • USASF - Voting Instructions - Age Grid - 2014Log into your Organizational Profile.
  • Look at the Email listed in your Organization Information box. The email found in this field will be the one person placing the vote for your organization.
  • If you need to change this email address, click the Edit button in the Organization Information box.
  • A small box will pop up. Change your email address and click the Update Organization button.
  • Refresh your screen and the address you updated will appear.
  • The voting list for One Location, One Vote (Age Grid Issues) will be exported from the system on Thursday, August 21st at 5pm PST. Be sure to update your email today!

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