Observations After the West Regional Meeting

Last weekend was the final USASF Regional Meeting of the summer. Overall I got the impression the regional meetings were larger and more successful this season than they ever have been. I’m going to take this as a positive sign more people are wanting to continue their education and get credentialed. It being a voting year probably helped out a bit, too.

USASF LogoFor the most part the West meeting was inline with the other regions, with the exception being I heard more people talking about attendees monopolizing a speaker’s time in class. Some even went as far to say some speakers were heckled by coaches during classes. The closest we got to this in the Level 6 classes I was involved with was when someone brought up Level 6 judge training in reference to disagreeing with the results at Worlds last season. Fortunately the group was respectful enough to comply when I pointed out the class wasn’t the appropriate time and place for that conversation and we could find time to talk about it outside of class. A couple people took the time to talk to Karen Wilson and I about it and I plan on making it a topic at the USASF Staff Meeting next month.


The dates and locations for the 2015 USASF Regional Meetings and Convention Week have been announced.

Champions League announced the teams competing at the 2015 event, which is moving to Los Angeles.

The general schedule for the NACCC Congress Meeting has been added to the Spirit Company Dropbox. In addition the meeting schedule has been added to the Calendar.

OverStretch – August 6, 2014