Observations After the Regional Meeting Tour

My summer of cheerleading is coming to an end. The regional meetings are over, convention week is ongoing, and the NACCC meeting starts tomorrow. Going to all the regional meetings reinforced the thought that most areas have the same concerns regarding the industry. Unfortunately the solutions vary, often in ways that would help one while hurting another. This contributes to things moving slow at times because, understandably, no one wants to vote for something that will hurt themselves, leading to no option getting enough votes for change to pass.

I bring this up because we are close to the end of the discussion phase and about to get into voting season for the 2015-17 proposed policy and rule changes. I hope voters are listening to others as they talk about how a change will impact them and factoring that, along with how it will impact the voter’s own gym, into how they vote. Every change is going to have more of a positive impact on one and more of a negative impact on someone else, but the goal is for the sum of changes to have a positive impact on the industry as a whole.


USASF LogoThe NACCC Annual Meeting’s tentative schedule is in the Spirit Company Dropbox. The Saturday session is going to be streamed, but I haven’t seen details yet. I assume they will be posted on the homepage or NACCC page of USASF.net.

The dates and locations of the 2015 Regional Meetings are already available. Please mark your calendar and plan on attending.

The Majors announced the Large Coed division will return. California, Cheer Athletics, Cheer Extreme, and Stingrays will compete at the 2015 event.

OverStretch – August 13, 2014