Observations After the Southeast Regional Meeting

Over the past week I attended the USASF Southeast Regional Meeting in Atlanta, a couple pre-camp practices with the University of Memphis, and auditions for the Memphis Grizzlies dance team. I believe the regional meeting was the largest in history with over 400 attendees and the safety judge training on Sunday was the largest ever with over 100 attendees between the coaches auditing the class and those getting certified.

The Memphis practices were another chance to watch a team during their first week of practices and pick up some more tips and drills for the level 6 classes, as well as giving a friend an extra set of eyes during the early practices. I attended the Grizz Girl tryouts with a friend that is married to one of the dancers auditioning. It was kinda strange being around cheerleading and dance with absolutely no responsibilities, but nice to sit back and watch a group of people do something they love. Congratulations to the new team and hopefully I’ll make it to a couple games next season.


The MajorsThe Majors announced some of the teams that will be competing at the 2015 event. Cheer Athletics ‘Panthers’, World Cup ‘Shooting Stars’, Cheer Extreme ‘Senior Elite’, Stingrays ‘Orange’, and Fire & Ice ‘5 Alarm’ will be the participants in the Senior All-Girl division.

Varsity announced Wild Card bids to the Summit.

The USASF posted the schedule for the Northeast regional meeting in Baltimore this weekend. It’s available in the Spirit Company Dropbox.

OverStretch – July 16, 2014