Observations After the Northeast Regional Meeting

Last week was the USASF Northeast Regional Meeting in Baltimore. One thing that hasn’t changed since my last trip to the Northeast is you always know where you stand with people, good or bad, because they won’t hesitate to tell you. I think this is generally a good thing, but it could be a pain when discussing controversial topics, like during the Regional Advisory Board meeting or when discussing Division II.

Speaking of Division II, I’m ready for it to be put to vote. I think every significant point for or against it has already been made and will be reiterated at the Southwest and West regional meetings. I’m ready for the conversations about whether or not it will happen to come to an end and let the vote decide if it will or won’t happen.


The MajorsThe Majors announced Medium Coed as the next division for the 2015 event. Maryland Twisters, Spirit of Texas, and Twist & Shout were the teams invited to compete. In addition Maryland Twisters was added to the Senior All-Girl division following the original announcement.

The general schedule for the NACCC Congress meeting has been released and is in the Spirit Company Dropbox.


OverStretch was not recorded this week. We should resume next week.