Varsity All Star Launches the Dance Summit Championship

The Summit LogoVarsity All Star is pleased to introduce The Dance Summit Championship, a prestigious event for all star dance teams.

The Dance Summit will take place on May 2-3, 2015 at a park within the Walt Disney World® Resort in Orlando, FL. In its inaugural year, 205 dance bids will be offered in the Mini, Youth, Junior, Senior and Open teams in non-Worlds divisions and categories throughout the 2014-2015 competition season. In all, there are 30 qualifying Varsity All Star events.

“We’ve heard from so many programs that all star dance teams deserve an opportunity to compete at a high visibility event like the Summit,” says John Newby, Executive Vice President of Varsity All Star. “We welcome the creativity and passion of the dancers and look forward to showcasing their talents at Dance Summit qualifiers throughout the year.”

Varsity All Star will be offering bids to The Dance Summit at their existing Dance Worlds bid events and at least seven other two-day events across the country. An anticipated 27 paid and 178 at-large bids will be offered at these premier Varsity events.

Additional information is available about The Dance Summit at If you need more information, please contact Sheila Noone, [email protected].

Press Release: Varsity All Star Launches the Dance Summit Championship