USASF Universal Scoresheet Release & Event Producer Update

Dear USASF Event Producer Members,

It’s finally here! The FIRST release of the USASF Universal Score Sheet.

USASF LogoThe Universal Score Sheet is the result of the dedicated efforts of a committee comprised of a wide cross section of All Star Cheer coaches, judges and event producers. The two-year process blended the varied philosophies of scoring systems being used throughout All Star Cheer into one standard scoring system for the sport that rewards difficulty, technique and creativity.

The 2012 NACCC Coaches Retreat in Doral, FL is where it all started, when an overwhelming number of coaches, gym owners and event producers agreed the time was right for our sport to create a universal scoring system. John Metz and Kristen Rosario expertly headed the committee, focusing on the end goal of the betterment of All Star. Thank you to them, and the entire committee for reaching that goal.

To follow the timeline that was announced in January, 2014, the Universal Score Sheet (in its test format) is being released this month and is available as an option for event producers to adopt for the 2014-15 competition season. Early adoption of the Universal Score Sheet will help us gather real world testing information to make the official release the best it can be. More information and training on the score sheet will be provided to event producers, coaches and judges in the coming weeks.

Input and feedback will be collected from September through December, 2014 and the score sheet will be adjusted as needed for use at the 2015 Cheerleading World Championship. We look forward to helpful feedback from event producers that choose to use the score sheet during the coming months.

If your company decides to adopt the Universal Score Sheet for the 2014-15 season, please follow these guidelines to ensure successful implementation:

  • Let Les Stella know so that he is aware and can communicate with you during the season to gather your feedback and input.
  • Because this is a “testing” season, please refer to the sheet as the “2015 Worlds Score Sheet.” We will begin using the official name “Universal Score Sheet” after the final version is implemented at The Cheerleading Worlds, 2015.
  • You may recreate the score sheet graphically to include your company logo and the title “2015 Worlds Score Sheet,” but be sure to use the scoring system AS IS so that we can collect accurate feedback as we move forward. Do not alter or modify the scoring system in any way.
  • Provide feedback from your events throughout the season to Les Stella: [email protected].

The USASF is pleased to bring the Universal Score Sheet to its testing phase and looks forward to working closely with you, our event producer members this fall as the system is finalized for full implementation at the 2015 Cheerleading Worlds and then the 2015-16 event season. Thank you for your support!