Spirit Post Update

Spirit Post has changed significantly over the years. It’s a product of starting a new hobby, some good ideas, several bad ideas, combining sites, splitting them, combining again, and a lot of trial and error. At times there have been separate sites for school, all star, and general cheerleading news and sites for events, dance, governance, and opinions that have all been combined into the current Spirit Post.

Spirit Post LogoThe last combination into Spirit Post came last month when I imported the Spirit Company blog, which focused on Business and Leadership, to create the Wall Street section of Spirit Post. Wall Street is the first change that will be coming to Spirit Post, continuing with business and leadership articles on the weekends throughout the summer. If that goes well it will continue through the year.

There are several other changes that recently came or will be coming soon to Spirit Post. Some of the major ones are:

  • We, King Harrison of Fierce Board, Lark Wook of Fierce Connection, Shane Womack of Inside Publications, and I, started an (almost) weekly show to talk about the industry. The show is called OverStretch and live-streamed via YouTube on Wednesdays at 1 eastern, noon central. We’ve invited a couple others to join us and have plans to invite a couple more, but as of the time I wrote this only the 4 of us have appeared on the show. Please check it out and send any feedback to us at [email protected]
  • The Spirit Post Facebook page was absorbed by the Spirit Company Facebook page, making the Spirit Company page our only presence on Facebook.
  • I created a public Dropbox folder where I’ll put the most recent versions of the age grid, rules, scoring systems, and other important files that are publicly accessible. It will also contain past episodes of the shows we’ve recorded.
  • This isn’t new, but we also have a Calendar that lists major events in our industry, including High School and College Nationals, Worlds Bid Events, Meetings, and Conferences.
  • I’m not yet certain of the next one, but I’m guessing since summer is a little slower we’ll only publish on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays most weeks, plus Wall Street articles on the weekend.

All that being said, there are a few things I still want Spirit Post to get better at, which probably means getting a couple more people on board. Covering school cheerleading and everything dance is high on the list, so I’m now looking for people that want to focus on one or both of those areas. I have talked to people about each and have a couple people in mind, but no one in place yet. Please contact me if you are interested in either.

Finally, I’ve been doing Spirit Post for a long time and want to thank everyone that’s been part of the journey. It’s been over 7 years and should be just past 1,700 articles by the time this goes live, with just under 1,500 of those being mine. It started because I needed a purpose as I learned more about websites and decided to make that purpose getting as much cheerleading news as possible in one place, or at times a couple places. This has resulted in a long road that has led us to where Spirit Post is today and where Spirit Post will be tomorrow.

Thank you,

Andre Carter, Founder (and Chief Mischief Maker) of Spirit Post

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