Observations to Start June

It’s now June. New teams have been chosen, practices have begun, and parts of routines are being put together. It’s also the time of the year that a lot of information regarding the upcoming season is being shared at conferences, regional meetings, in private conversations, and in public forums such as Fierce Board, Facebook, and Twitter. Please be sure to get information you rely on straight from the source. I’ve heard and seen many misstatements regarding rules, scoring systems, and just about everything else regarding next season. Most of these have been next to accurate statements regarding the same topics, making figuring out who to listen to more complicated. If you have a brand specific question be sure to ask that brand directly instead of just asking your friends or on a public forum. If you have a USASF question the best place to start is with your regional director.


USASF LogoThe general schedule for the USASF Regional Meetings have been published on USASF.net put in the Spirit Company Dropbox.

The Summit 2015 added Dance. There are 27 Paid and 178 At Large Dance bids to go along with 100 Paid and 400 At Large Cheer bids. More information is available on VarsityAllStar.com.

The Unified Scoring System has an updated grid. The new version, dated June 3rd, is available on JAM Brands, Varsity All Star, and in our Dropbox.

OverStretch – June 4, 2014