Observations – June 12, 2014

Summer is slow until the regional meetings get in full swing so there isn’t much to observe or much news to talk about. Since there isn’t much to talk about I’ll briefly talk about the wedding I attended last weekend. It was a wedding between a male that’s a former college cheerleader and current all star and high school coach and a female that’s a former college dancer and current NBA dancer. The thing that stood out was how many people they formerly cheered or danced with were in or attending the wedding.

I believe all the groomsmen were guys the groom cheered with except for one, who was once the groom’s coach and the only bridesmaid that wasn’t a dancer was one of the bride’s sister, but the bride’s other sister still dancers with her for the NBA team. To me the wedding party, and the guests in general, were a testament to the lifelong friendships made through cheerleading and dance.

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The American Medical Association has officially designated Cheerleading as a sport.

An updated version of the Chicago Regional Meeting schedule is on USASF.net and available in the Spirit Company Dropbox.

Overstretch – June 11, 2014