Observations After Worlds 2014

Event 21 of the season was Worlds. With all the highs and lows of the weekend there was one thing that stood out. My highlight of the weekend was born from unfortunate circumstances, an injury during Spirit of Texas’ IOC5 routine. Watching that group pull themselves back together in the back hallway, return to the warmup room and put a new girl in the routine, and walk back on the stage and put on an admirable performance was a testament to the type of people in that program and on that team. In addition seeing the support they got in the warmup room from the Large Coed teams waiting to warmup up and CheerForce, a competitor in their division, was a great example of the supportive community cheerleading is.

As far as anything else that happened this weekend, I haven’t yet heard or read too much about what I missed so it will probably be discussed on the next episode of OverStretch.


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Worlds LogoCongratulations to all the 2014 World Champions:

  • Small Senior – ICE
  • Small Coed – California
  • Medium Senior – Top Gun
  • Medium Coed – Twist & Shout
  • Large Senior – Stingrays
  • Large Coed – Top Gun
  • International Open 5 – Cheer Sport Sharks
  • International Open Coed 5 – Cheer Athletics
  • International Open 6 – Cheer Athletics
  • International Open Coed 6 – Bangkok