Observations After Summit 2014

The season came to an end for so many teams, coaches, and judges this weekend between the Summit and US Finals. Mine ended at the Summit watching many great performances. I love events that eliminate teams going into finals and crown the champion based solely off the finals performance. There aren’t many that do it anymore, with good reasons, but I still like it.

On the rules side of things I continued to think of things that need to be better explained to increase the general level of understanding the rules. I think I’m going to create a page that further explains how some things are interpreted that may be taken for granted. This would be for things that aren’t definitions so they don’t belong in the glossary, nor are they actually rules so they don’t belong in the level rules, but would be helpful to mastering the rules.


USASF LogoThe deadline for submitting suggestions for changing the rules and age grid has been extended to May 31st. The suggestions submitted would be for the 2015-17 rules cycle and be discussed at the USASF Regional Meetings and NACCC Annual Meeting. More information regarding the rules change form, including the link to submit a suggestion, is available on USASFRules.com.

On that note, registration is now open for the USASF Regional Meetings and NACCC Annual Meeting.

OverStretch – May 7, 2014