Observations After Memorial Weekend

Due to it being the “offseason”, the NACCC Annual Meeting being moved from Doral in May to Chicago in August, and the holiday weekend there wasn’t much to observe this week, but I had a few conversations and one comment really stuck in my head. I had a coach say something like it seemed like the safety judge was there just looking for teams to break the rules. To me this is what the safety judge’s job is at an event, much like the referees in the basketball game I’m watching as I type this, so I was a little surprised the coach seemed disappointed by this. All this leads me to 2 questions, what is and what should be the role of a safety judge at an event? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know.


IEP LogoThe Varsity Gym Owners Conference and IEP Annual Conference will take place in Vegas over the next week.

USA Cheer has been invited to the White House Healthy Kids & Safe Sports Concussion Summit taking place today.

Unified Scoring System training will take place in conjunction with the USASF Regional Meetings. Varsity has already contacted judges with registration details and I expect JAM Brands will soon.

FISU has accepted Cheerleading, making it likely Cheerleading will become an event at the World University Championships.

OverStretch – May 28, 2014