Observations After Event 20 of 2013-14

Event 20 took me to Orlando for the first of 3 consecutive events and my final regular season event. I’m not as familiar with the scoring system used by this event producer, so I don’t know if teams still had any obvious omissions in their routines. As there normally is, there were some great performance, some not so great performances, and some that were great if you can delete about 7 seconds of it from memory.

On the rules side of things it was disappointing to still make the number of calls we made and is a continuous reminder we need to continue to educate the cheerleading community regarding the rules. In a couple weeks my focus will shift to that in hopes we continue moving the right direction.

Worlds LogoMiscellaneous

This weekend is Worlds. Good luck to all the teams competing. The performance orders for Cheer and Dance Worlds can be found at http://usasf.net/worldsperformanceorder/.

Information regarding International Cheer Union World Cheerleading Championship can be found at http://cheerunion.org/championships/cheerleading/.