Observations After Event 19 of 2013-14

Event 19 took me to Florida for the 1st of 4 consecutive weekends for what was technically 2 events. The first part was one of my favorite events of each season because I love the styles of college routines and all-or-nothing finals, which I’ll only get to enjoy a couple times this season. The second part was a beach front 1-day All*Star championship, which seems like a great way to end the regular season for a team. Regarding the performances, there isn’t much to say that hasn’t already been said. The college performances seemed better overall than they have in previous years. Although many teams had a deduction for something, I feel like the overall amount of mistakes was down. Hopefully this is due to coaches focusing on execution a little more than what’s been done in the past.

On the rules side of things, if you have any skills that you want reviewed for end of the season events, I strongly suggest you send them in today or tomorrow. The group that can reply on behalf of the USASF starts getting to Orlando on Tuesday and some of us don’t leave until Monday, May 5th. I’m not expecting many replies to be sent during this time due to us having other responsibilities.


Worlds LogoCongratulations to the teams that earned a Worlds bid this weekend or upgraded to a paid bid. On that note, good luck to all the teams that will be competing at Worlds. The performance orders for Cheer and Dance Worlds can be found at http://usasf.net/worldsperformanceorder/ and the Worlds Performance Order Drawing can be viewed at http://usasf.net/cheerworldsdrawing/.

Also, congratulations to all the NCA College champions that were crowned last week in Daytona Beach.

Have a great Easter weekend!

OverStretch – April 16, 2014