Observations After Event 17 of 2013-14

Event 17 took me to the West Coast for the final time this season. Once again I didn’t get to see many teams perform due to the role I was in, so I don’t have much to say about the performances. I will commend the West Coast coaches for being more professional in my dealing with them than they have at times in the past. For as long as I’ve been attending events on the West Coast, they’ve been a very passionate group of people, and this time it seemed the passion was directed in the correct direction.

On the rules side of things I’m running out of politically correct things to say. I keep having and hearing of conversations between rules officials and coaches in which the coach insists something illegal shouldn’t be a deduction for a myriad of reasons, none of them being the skill was not actually illegal. I have a problem with that. The discussions should center around whether or not the skill was legal and that should answer the question about whether or not there should be a deduction.


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Only 3 Cheer Worlds bid events remain, with Cheer Power being the only one this weekend, and 4 Dance Worlds bid events remain, with Spirit Sports being the only one this weekend.

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