Observations After Event 16 of 2013-14

Event 16 took me to Florida for the 2nd time this year. I worked the warmup room so I didn’t get to see many performances, but it’s always interesting to see the different approaches to warming up. Truthfully it’s not about which approach a team chooses, it’s more that some teams have one while others appear to be making it up as they go. As I said, I didn’t see many teams perform, but I imagine I know which route most of the successful performances went.

I don’t have much to say on the rules side of things, but want to toss out an idea. How about crowd sourcing deductions and rules? For example, each team in the division could have a representative report deductions and rules violations in other performances to the judges stand. From there an event representative would verify the deductions reported and they would become official. This would likely put more eyes looking for deductions and unintentionally lead to more people learning the rules so they could report other teams. Several kinks need to be thought out to minimize inaccurate reporting, but is the idea worth exploring?


USA CheerCongratulations to Top Gun Large Coed for winning the Varsity Triple Crown and Memphis Elite (Level 4) and Stingrays (Levels 1-3) for winning the associated points race.

Good luck to Delaware, Florida State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Alma College, Central Oklahoma, Davenport, and Oklahoma City, who will be competing at the College Stunt National Championship in Oklahoma City this weekend.

We are down to the final four Cheer Worlds bid events with USA being the only one this weekend.

Also, remember submissions for the USASF Chairman’s Cup Award are due on March 31st and you can now reserve practice space at Worlds.