Observations After Event 15 of 2013-14

Event 15 took be back to the West Coast and overall I feel like it was a down weekend for performances. There were still several good performances, but I also feel like teams had a few more deductions than the past couple weeks. Hopefully this blip will reverse this weekend.

On the rules side of things, please make sure any changes you make to your routine are legal. Some changes I’m seeing to fix rules issues and others to increase difficulty are illegal, despite being suggested to the coaches. Please take it upon yourself to ensure all changes are legal. If you aren’t sure please send a video of the skill to [email protected] so you can get a ruling from the USASF.


USASF LogoIf you are making changes to your routines for Worlds or other end of the year events and need rulings on if the changes are legal, please send in the videos as early as possible. With the weekend before Worlds being a holiday weekend and most of the people that can give rulings getting to Worlds early, there probably won’t be many replies sent after Easter. Please factor this into the timetable of sending in videos.

Also, please realize [email protected] is the only way to get an official ruling. There seems to be many people in the industry telling coaches skills are legal, but aren’t always correct. Please cover yourself by sending the video to [email protected]