Observations After Event 12 of 2013-14

Event 12 took me to the largest cheerleading event in the Southeast, maybe the World, and there were some great performances including 1 of the 2 best I’ve seen this season. For the most part it seemed like teams continued to settle into their routines and continued to increase the performance side of things. I’m still seeing some elements that confuse me because they do nothing for the routine, meaning they aren’t level appropriate and do nothing to add to the overall impression, but I don’t coach anymore so maybe they know something I don’t.

On the rules side of things, if you have received a legal ruling from [email protected], you should bring that email to events with you because not having it with you is as useless as not having it at all. I don’t know if you really expect me to believe you when you say “Les said it was legal” without proof or not, but I hope you understand why I won’t just take your word on it.


USASF Dance LogoThe deadline for submitting qualifying videos for Junior Dance Worlds is March 1st, just over a week away. For more information visit USASFDance.net.

Congratulations to everyone that survived Cheersport and extra congratulations to everyone that performed and placed well.

Good luck to everyone at COA, JAMZ, and NCA Open Nationals.