Observations After Event 11 of 2013-14

Event 11 took me to the East Coast and an event I’ve never been to before. The event was fine and I feel like the teams continued to show good midseason form. Of course there were some that walked away disappointed in their performance, but I don’t recall seeing any teams that truly didn’t seem ready to perform.

On the rules side of things I want to explain what I’m doing when I’m reviewing a skill at the table because it seems to be misunderstood based on having some people say I shouldn’t have to review a skill “over and over again”. I review skills because I believe they were illegal based on watching it live. When reviewing I’m looking for what person, grip, or trick I missed live that would make the skill legal, not the other way around. If you don’t want me to review things it means I’m going to call more things as illegal because I thought it was illegal prior to reviewing.

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Happy early Valentine’s Day.

Congratulations to all the teams that won UCA & UDA High School Nationals the past 2 weekends. Also, congratulations to all the teams earning bids to Worlds last weekend.

Also, the deadline for Dance Rules proposals for next season is Monday.

Finally, it’s Cheersport week. Over 1000 teams will compete in Atlanta this weekend in hopes of earning a Cheersport jacket. Good luck and safe travels to everyone. If there is any news or schedule updates due to the weather, Cheersport will post them at http://www.cheersport.net/news.asp.